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From "Christopher M. Cardona" <>
Subject J2EE Management for JEE 5
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 05:45:29 GMT
I’m currently investigating what it would take to update our J2EE 
Management (JSR 77) implementation for compliance with JEE 5 in 
Geronimo. Looking at the changes between spec releases 1.0 (June 18, 
2002) and 1.1 (June 22, 2006) there are 4 items that changed:

1. JSR77. will be/ changed from "sequence" to/ "sequenceNumber" - 
This is just a typo error change.

2. JSR77. the deploymentDescriptor attribute must provide a full 
deployment descriptor based on any partial deployment descriptor plus 
deployment annotations.

3. JSR77.9.1 J2EE Management CIM. The Managed Object Format (MOF) and 
UML representation of the model are available from the Distributed 
Management Task Force (DMTF) web site:

4. JSR77.9.6 Appendix (CIM - Common Information Model) pages 190-214 removed

Here’s the link to the spec change log:

My first question is do we even have to update our current JSR 77 
implementation to become JEE 5 compliant. If the spec changes are all we 
need to consider then it looks like only item 2 needs some attention 
since item 1 is just a typo error correction and items 3 and 4 are 
related to CIM which we didn’t implement. I’m not even sure if we need 
to do anything with item 2 like checking for deployment descriptor 
value. Are there any other changes that I need to consider? Please let 
me know if I am missing anything. Any suggestions, ideas, and concerns 
are welcome.


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