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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Atlanta JUG
Date Wed, 18 Oct 2006 03:29:00 GMT
Awesome!  Sounds like a great meeting and presentation!


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I had the opportunity to speak to some folks at the Atlanta JUG tonight
> and thought I'd share the feedback.
> First off, the JUG was held at the Atlanta Holiday Inn and was located
> in two adjacent rooms.  I can't recall the exact number but I think
> there were about 60 people in attendance.  It was one of the better
> organized JUG's I've had the opportunity to attend.  Burr Sutter was an
> excellent host and did a great job pulling the event together.
> There were a few folks who figured this was JBoss country and that it
> might be a "dangerous" trip :)  I'm happy to report there were several
> JBoss employees at the JUG but they were very welcoming and we had a
> great chat after the event.  It was interesting swapping stories about
> Open Source and comparing and contrasting the JBoss model versus
> Apache.  I really enjoyed it.
> All in all people were really interested in Geronimo and had most of
> their experience on JBoss.  They liked the modular architecture and some
> of the things that were coming in 1.2 (caching, 1.5 support, and
> possible OpenJPA).  They also liked the Yoko option to give flexibility
> in changing VMs.  I was surprised that many of the folks used CORBA and
> this was an important function for them.  I was also surprised when
> several of the folks indicated that they used EJBs and XA 2-phase
> commit.  I told them about D Jencks Tx Manager and told them I'd relay
> their level of interest.
> There were several people that were interested in JEE 5 support and I
> told them that D Blevins and folks were working away and we'd like to
> get something in their hands sooner than later.
> There was also a short discussion about why GBeans (from one of the
> JBoss guys) and we talked about the progression of GBeans and pointed
> them to the dev list and Dain for the more detailed discussion.  They
> seemed to understand our additional requirements and the conversation
> was again really productive.
> Someone came up to me and mentioned that Intalio was shipping Geronimo
> and using it.  I didn't know this.
> All in all it was a great meeting and in Atlanta people are waiting to
> see great things from Geronimo.  Just thought I'd provide the feedback.
> Cheers.
> Matt Hogstrom

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