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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject dojo in Geronimo
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 15:25:10 GMT
Hello all,

I finally managed to get my project development/testing server up and 
working on 1.2-snapshot (Thanks again djencks!).

And I finally got to see the JMX console that was added - Which is very 

But, I think that it brings to light a performance issue.  Because we 
are using dojo widgets that are not 'bundled' into the dojo.js library, 
we end up pulling down -many- individual files to support the widgets.

I think we should consider building our own dojo bundle (I'm going to 
start looking into exactly how to do this) and deploying it to something 
like /geronimo-dojo and using that for console apps.  Pulling the one 
(slightly larger) library -should- increase response time since we won't 
need all of the extra file requests/responses going over the wire.

I do like having dojo deployed to /dojo built into the server though and 
would like to keep the base library there (so far I have just been using 
the AJAX portion of dojo in my own apps - so I haven't needed any widgets).

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?


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