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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject What is GShell?
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 07:01:02 GMT
I keep hearing this question... I thought I had put out enough detail  
about GShell on the list months ago, but still there is some mystery  
about it.  So I thought I would send out a simple terse explanation  
that sums it up.

  * * *

GShell allows users to telnet into a running Geronimo server and run  
some commands.

It includes a 'script' command which allows an arbitrary script (in  
any bsf supported language) to be executed... all _inside_ of  
Geronimo.  Soon GShell will also support ssh (as soon as I can figure  
out how to make Jsch work as a server).

The framework to make the above command stuff work can also be used  
to implement simple pluggable tools for command-line use... and I  
would imagine that we could eventually change all of our command line  
bits to run from it (perhaps all except the server command).  The  
nice thing here is that it is trivial to just "drop in" new commands  
with out needing more platform scripts and with out having to rewrite  
all of that icky main(String[]) handling muck... all with sexy  
readline-like buffer editing/history and tab completion (all of which  
provided by jline which kicks ass).

Eventually GShell will have a full expression parser very similar to  
Bash, but right now it is a tad primitive, but functional enough for  
compound expressions and variable expansion.

Okay, I gotta stop now or else this will turn into a novel...

So, I hope that helps explain what the mysterious GShell is... if  
not, let me know and I will revise my simple terse explanation so  
that it does.



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