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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: 1.2 TCK status
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 00:13:17 GMT
On Oct 2, 2006, at 4:34 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> Historically certification has been the most time consuming portion  
> of a release, and there is no reason to expect it to be any  
> different for this release.  To make matters worse, the  
> certification test suite has not been run in several months while  
> major changes have been made to EJB, Transaction, Connector and  
> Servlet Session.
> This is my number one concern about getting a release out before  
> the end of the year, and would like start by getting a status  
> update.  Anyone know the answer to these:
> Does the tck currently run against trunk?


> If not, what is needed to get it running?

I plan on spending time tonight and all day tomorrow (ugh) to get  
more work on the cts-server's build.

> What is the status of GBuild?

GBuild (the network) is close to being functional again.  In GBuild  
West, we have 8 hosts up, patched, and relativly maintainable.  2 of  
which are going to serve as VMWare hosts.  The remaining details that  
I have been working on (when I am not doing some m2 fluff) are  
getting a simple recipe for cloning instances, as we will probably  
bring up 10-20 virtual machines to join the network.  I had spend a  
week+ setting up a system that will allow for scalable management of  
these systems.

I also setup a central log4j logging service, a secured mirror of the  
tck svn, re-setup cacti, yam/yum repos, mail relays, and way more  
sysadmin crap than I would have ever thought I would ever do again.

IMO it will take another few days of uninterrupted work to finish it  
off and setup a shared gbuild users' config controlled by puppet with  
the latest build of GBuild (the software) and to get something  
(continuum, cruisecontrol, anthil3, whatever) to automate the builds  
for us.  I think that is another few days... so prolly another week  
of time devoted to getting all of those bits sorted out.

I had been taking some extra time to make sure to set things up in a  
manageable maintainable fashion... that is also secure... so we don't  
have to do this again... and so that it will be easy to bring new  
physical and virtual hosts online and keep everything patched and happy.

Aside from my few hours interlude dreaming of actually writing some  
code and playing with a POC for the condition bits I mailed about  
before I have been working on gbuild... when not distracted by  
applying patches for testsuite stuff or fixing build muck.

And now... I'm going to drink a beer, puff a smoke and then figure  
how to make the tck dance a jig and whistle dixie.


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