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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: DayTrader with an AJAX based Web interface
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:34:17 GMT
On 10/12/06, Christopher Blythe <> wrote:
> Paul...
> Just read through the chain and the idea is sound... I like the idea of
> having a base dojo library accessible within the server, thus removing the
> burden on the developer of maintaining the dojo libraries within their code.

Yes that's the idea, plus (hopefully) there is some performance
improvement via browser caching when multiple apps share the same

> Plus, I don' t think there would be any conflicts if someone chose to do
> that in order to use newer builds of dojo, etc.

My initial thinking on that has been that if an app needs a specific
newer or older build of dojo then they could still include it in their
war. Or they could deploy a new shared version at a different context,
say /dojo-verX.Y.Z/dojo.js, but that could quickly get unmanageable..
The server's version of dojo would still be deployed at /dojo and
support applications that are not as sensitive to version changes (see

> Just curious, would it be
> permissible for a developer to upgrade the dojo library inside the appserver
> on their own?

Yes I think so,  in the same way that an application might want to
upgrade any other library in the server, say tranql for instance.  Of
course other applications and native components in the server that
were using the old version would automatically start using the new
version, so some care must be taken.

> Something else I just thought of... I wonder if there would be
> any impact on custom dojo widgets created by the developer. This is actually
> what I have done with the DayTrader interface. May be worth trying out...

Ideally custom widgets could be contributed back to the Dojo
foundation and show up in a later standard build of the library that
gets incorporated into geronimo.  But that's of course not always
possible due to time constraints as well as there being cases where
the custom widgets are not appropriately licensed for dojo or not
reusable in a highly generalized kind of way.  It would be interesting
to find out if one could include customized widgets from their
application's context while still using the shared library for the
standard components.  I think its possible by overriding certain parts
of dojo's packaging mechanism but haven't tried it.

>  Your idea for serving up customized builds sounds interesting; however, I'm
> not sure if there is currently a way to accurately detect all of the
> libraries that are used by an application. Based on my experience, you
> manually put together the list of libraries required for your build and then
> kick off ant. Let me poke around further and see what I can find out...

If you pick up dojo from svn then they provide some build profiles
that I think could be used for this purpose.  There's
a thread on this titled "dojo in Geronimo (long)" where this is being

Best wishes,

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