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From Geronimo Weekly Status <>
Subject [STATUS] (geronimo) Wed Oct 11 23:49:08 2006
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 03:49:08 GMT
APACHE GERONIMO STATUS:                                         -*-text-*-
Last modified at [$Date: 2006-10-07 05:14:55 -0400 (Sat, 07 Oct 2006) $]

The current version of this file can be found at:


Upcoming Releases:

  Geronimo 1.2 -- geronimo/server/trunk/
    Release Manager: Dain Sundstrom and Alan Cabrera
    Estimated Date: Q4 2006


Certification - Historically certification has been the most time consuming 
portion of a release, and there is no reason to expect it to be any different 
for this release.  To make matters worse, the certification test suite has not 
been run in several months while major changes have been made to EJB, 
Transaction, Connector and Servlet Session.    

Features - The scope for the 1.2 release is currently being finalized.  We 
have collected a list of 14 features to be included in the release and are 
working on prioritizing the list.  The prioritized list will help guide us in 
determining when to release based on the number of completed high priority 

Dead 1.2 -  There are still 37 unmerged commits the dead 1.2 branch.  These 
commits must be merged before the 1.2 release.  The current status of the 
dead-1.2 changes can be found at

Specs - There are two proposals for versioning specification jars in Geronimo.  
The first uses a single version number for all specifications.  The makes 
releasing new versions of specifications easy for the Geronimo committers as 
only a single file must be updated.  Alternatively, each specification could 
have an independent version number.  With this approach several files may have 
to be updated to release a jar, but this approach reduces the number of jars 
that are released with no changes.  This issue is in active discussion and will 
hopefully be resolved quickly.

Outstanding patches awaiting votes:

On JIRA, the following patches are oustanding:

GERONIMO-1277 Change group-id to org.apache.geronimo
  Status: New proposal by Jason Dillon to change base the groupId to 

GERONIMO-2015 Let's replace JKS to PKCS12 key store type - Opened
  Status: No active discussion

GERONIMO-2409 Provide config/module aliasing ability
  Status: 3 +1 votes

GERONIMO-2413 Add a Certification Authority (CA) portlet to Geronimo console
  Status: Not reviewed

Release history:
  2006-09-18  Geronimo 1.1.1
  2006-06-26  Geronimo 1.1
  2006-01-05  Geronimo 1.0
  2005-10-04  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 5
  2005-08-10  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 4
  2004-11-11  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 3
  2004-09-09  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 2
  2004-04-29  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 1

If you're a contributor looking for something to do:

  * Review the documentation and suggest improvements
  * Review the bug list and suggest fixes or report reproducibility
  * Report bugs yourself

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