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From "Dain Sundstrom" <>
Subject Re: Re: [Discussion] Are we done merging from branch/dead-1.2?
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 16:57:58 GMT
Alan, Aaron, Hiram, Matt, Jeff, John, Jules and Kevan

We've made some good progress.  Jacek, Jan and James no longer have
any pending merges.  The rest of you, please spend a some time to
resolve these,  If you don't have time to merge these, just tell me
and I'll make a note in the file for you and will attempt to find
someone to preform the merge.

Thanks for any time you can spend on this.  I know it sucks.


TOTAL (72)

adc (1)
367046 PR: GERONIMO-1432 Removed wrapPrincipals attribute.

ammulder (26)
367144 Merge JavaDoc URL change from branch
367145 Merge fix to GERONIMO-1435 from branch.
371461 Apply changes from branch (Fixes GERONIMO-1510
371779 Merge JCAResourceAdapter change from branch
371787 Merge new JMS portlet change from branch
371964 Merge JMS portlet improvements from branch
372286 Merge fix for GERONIMO-1387 from branch
372306 Mwerge fix for GERONIMO-1450 from branch
372312 Merge GERONIMO-1467 change from branch
372324 Merge fix for GERONIMO-1474 from branch
372334 Merge potential fix for GERONIMO-1426 from branch
372352 Merge workaround for GERONIMO-1421 from branch
372358 Merge fix for GERONIMO-1379 from branch
372367 Merge fix for GERONIMO-1468 from branch
376866 Merge GERONIMO-1349 fix from branch
383230 I like the way the JMS portlet is structured much more than the
way the JDBC and Security Realm portlets are. Extracting the framework
for that so it can be used by future portlets. Will use this for
388236 Console enhancements - a new portlet to help configure Apache
HTTP via mod_jk - start of a new keystore management portlet that can
handle multiple keystores Geronimo improvements as necesary to support
those - new Keystore GBeans - more logic around parent/child module
388257 Move the default keystore into the new keystores/ directory
388671 Console can export and download configuration CARs
388832 Move the configuration download and install logic from the
console into a GBean
388868 - use deploy tool argument install-configs and pass the Maven
repo URL as an argument
389206 Use the new keystore manager to manage the default keystore
distributed with Geronimo. Update the Jetty HTTPS connector to be
configured by the keystore manager instead of by hardcoding files and
to make the create Jetty HTTPS connector configuration select from the
available keystores (still need edit support)
390687 Now one Geronimo server can pull configurations from another -
Expose the contents of the Geronimo config-store & repository as a
Maven repository. - Add an authentication option to the import
configuration process. - Switch the configuration descriptor file to
XML and add more detail
390688 Don't show configurations where the current server doesn't meet
the prerequisites
390690 Only prompt for eligible configurations at the command line
390692 Only count configurations as eligible for installation if
there's a match on the Geronimo version

chirino (1)
389341 - Upgrading ActiveMQ from 3.2.1 to 4.0-SNAPSHOT. On the next
versioned release (RC2)

hogstrom (10)
367423 Added code to warn users that JDKs other than 1.4 may not
function correctly
370034 Updated Daytrader to not have hardcoded dependencies
370035 Updated configs to disassociate daytrader version from geronimo
370912 GERONIMO-1506 Database portlet version issue
371835 GERONIMO-1534 - Updated Daytrader plan to correct incorrect
classname for DB2SyntaxFactory
373920 Geronimo-1561 spelling correction of Exception Messages
374253 Geronimo-1336 Corrected issue when specifying database pool sizes
374281 Geronimo-1489 Minor fixes to JUDDI JSP application
388275 Updated derby.txt to point to correct ddl
395886 GERONIMO-1844 Precompile jsp pages in console - Added the from the patch

jgenender (20)
368104 Fix unit tests
368393 Backed out to 368343 to remove hard coded clustering configuration
368746 Remove the WADI hard code and use the ManagerGBean interface
instead (which is a parent of WADIGBean)
373669 Fix Unit Tests
374759 Added BeforeAfters for cross context and a listener
374885 Save the Request during x-context dispatch
376068 GERONIMO-1480 - set and get servlet wrapper name during dispatch
376109 Tidy up code
376223 Fix array issue
379954 Added emptySessionPath to ConnectorGBean
380696 Added empty attribute to the config.xml attribute and reference
tags. Updated to spit out the proper writeXml() too.
381416 Place a null check for the infos Set.
381897 Fixed a bug I had put in on my last commit.
381929 Added value and null attributes and empty attrs and refs are
now clearing/removal of the set value.
382099 Update schema to reflect the value and null attributes.
389296 GERONIMO-1705 and GERONIMO-973
389577 Add patch for IE browser
389606 Change rounding to make download value zero based.
389664 GERONIMO-1788 - allow to disable cookies in web application
391699 Reset the current caller in the before afters

jsisson (2)
373707 GERONIMO-1544 - Apply Erik's patch to resolve licensing issues
with IzPack components. Thanks Erik! (merged from 1.0 branch)
374366 GERONIMO-1278 - fix problem on windows where rename fails
during fixcrlf processing in installer (merged from 1.0 branch).

jules (1)
368344 Rationalise and unify Jetty and Tomcat approaches to
installation of WADI behind a distributable webapp. This is now done
via two attributes on the top-level WebContainer component -
LocalSessionManager and DistributableSessionManager

kevan (11)
370204 More appropriate shutdown of ActiveMQ broker within the
Geronimo server. Geronimo will control stopping of broker
370682 Inhiibit coyote info messages during startup. Fix is needed for
Installer and for consistency for jetty
370690 Inhibit catalina StandardContext info messages during shutdown.
371391 Use latest Jetty version to avoid security exposure on Windows
373180 Fix cross-site scripting problems in samples
374665 Fix for relative links in jmxdebug on Tomcat
379525 Add simple protocolConnect implementation to NullTransport. See
389626 Initial import.
389627 Initial import.
389629 Remove geronimo-commonj -- was trying out the Eclipse svn
plug-in and the plugin got a bit too ambitious...
389653 Commit initial implementation of Commonj Timer API from GERONIMO-1553

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