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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Release Early, Release Often
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 21:35:57 GMT
For those of you interested in the unfiltered list of completed  
JIRAs, here they are :)


New Features (8):

   * [GERONIMO-1133] UUID primary key generator
   * [GERONIMO-1192] Installer should create a config.xml for the  
target install
   * [GERONIMO-1259] reduce the size of the combined deployment plan:  
package deployment plans in a jar and pass this jar to the deployer
   * [GERONIMO-1573] Spring integration -- wrap our components in  
spring interfaces
   * [GERONIMO-1593] Add SMTP Authentication and STARTTLS support.
   * [GERONIMO-2071] Move Geronimo build to M2 (new 1.2 trunk)
   * [GERONIMO-2132] Move activemq gbean integration modules from  
ActiveMQ to Geronimo
   * [GERONIMO-2148] Add javamail 1.4 to geronimo specs.

Improvements (41):

   * [GERONIMO-790] JettyModuleBuilder should use references to  
templates, not their names
   * [GERONIMO-1075] Configuration classloaders should support an  
inverse classloading delegation model.
   * [GERONIMO-1163] improve jmx debug console
   * [GERONIMO-1194] Installer should only install packs(features)  
selected at install time
   * [GERONIMO-1278] Upgrade to XML Beans 2.1.0 from 2.0.0
   * [GERONIMO-1317] Rename the "new" goals to more meaningful names  
with additional build properties
   * [GERONIMO-1335] Create issues for making the plugins run in more  
   * [GERONIMO-1401] Updates to BUILDING.txt about the last changes  
to the build process
   * [GERONIMO-1429] Post Geronimo Schemas online (e.g. http://
   * [GERONIMO-1434] Allow GBeans to be bound into a component's  
java:comp/env namespace
   * [GERONIMO-1479] Add the maxPostSize and maxSavePostSize  
attributes to the Tomcat ConnectorGBean
   * [GERONIMO-1527] InternetAddress does not properly implement  
address parsing.
   * [GERONIMO-1554] Installer - Move advanced features to non- 
default installer path (simplify default installation)
   * [GERONIMO-1563] [RTC] Make the JACC implementation pluggable
   * [GERONIMO-1571] Just a suggestion to state in the source  
distributin's BUILDING.txt file that compilation requires a JDK  
compatible with version 1.4, and that 1.5 will not work.
   * [GERONIMO-1605] Display PID of started process when using start or
   * [GERONIMO-1606] Display message indicating Geronimo is being  
started in another window when started with geronimo.bat start or  
   * [GERONIMO-1607] Allow user to specify arguments to be used on  
the Windows START command issued by geronimo.bat
   * [GERONIMO-1608] Improve Geronimo script documentation
   * [GERONIMO-1613] Eliminate unncessary dependencies to reduce  
assemnbly footprint size
   * [GERONIMO-1647] Enabling access to session id on Tomcat
   * [GERONIMO-1648] Eliminate unnecessary config parent (import)  
   * [GERONIMO-1651] Complete implementation of javamail MimeMessage  
and MimeUtil classes.
   * [GERONIMO-1664] Export / Import configurations capability
   * [GERONIMO-1705] Use AJAX to provide for a progress bar when  
downloading a JDBC jar
   * [GERONIMO-1772] Application class loader should not see server  
   * [GERONIMO-1796] Improve SMTP transport debug trace output.
   * [GERONIMO-1798] Bring NNTPStore and NNTPTransport to same level  
of debugging tracing added to SMTP.
   * [GERONIMO-1881] Remove obsolete interop module
   * [GERONIMO-1960] Reject invalid GBean references at deployment time
   * [GERONIMO-2092] Modules migration to M2
   * [GERONIMO-2135] Improve the ActiveMQ GBeans
   * [GERONIMO-2147] Remove javamail-transport from Geronimo build  
and replace with javamail-provider dependency.
   * [GERONIMO-2152] Update for new OpenEJB 2.2
   * [GERONIMO-2216] Use JLine API to get password interactivly when  
using shutdown
   * [GERONIMO-2224] Add a geronimo specific system property for  
controlling dom, sax, and transformer creation
   * [GERONIMO-2277] Remove TransactionContextManager
   * [GERONIMO-2299] Unpack assemblies for easier development/testing
   * [GERONIMO-2300] Use jar or assembly plugin to generate classpath/ 
manifest bits for stuff in bin/*
   * [GERONIMO-2345] Windows Version of bootstrap
   * [GERONIMO-2374] use junit decorators with selenium

Bug Fixes (180):

   * [GERONIMO-526] Default domain not added to object names
   * [GERONIMO-592] Startup failure in Turkish language settings
   * [GERONIMO-973] Add security to /console-standard
   * [GERONIMO-1012] Tomcat integration does not set a subject in an  
unsecured web module in a secured ejb application
   * [GERONIMO-1097] (Patch) Keystore Portlet should point to the  
default keystore file instead of ssl-keystore-1
   * [GERONIMO-1165] Changing System DB pool size to 65 causes  
ActiveMQ to fail to get a connection
   * [GERONIMO-1176] Bad "resource" reference is not caught at  
deployment time
   * [GERONIMO-1182] Connector portlet delete challenge
   * [GERONIMO-1183] Console/Tomcat: Add/Edit Jetty HTTPS Connector  
page does not provide "key password" field
   * [GERONIMO-1196] Keystore portlet: Viewing trusted certificate  
results in an error
   * [GERONIMO-1287] IzPack Installer does not set line endings to  
CRLF on windows and LF on non-Windows platforms
   * [GERONIMO-1307] JMX connector doesn't shut down cleanly
   * [GERONIMO-1313] openejb builder listener attribute has bad  
object name
   * [GERONIMO-1316] Create JMS destination pretty darn broken
   * [GERONIMO-1331] QName class escaped from startup classpath
   * [GERONIMO-1334] 142 config-store directories are created during  
a build
   * [GERONIMO-1336] Setting the Max PoolSize on a DataBase pool with  
invalid information does not yield an error message and silently fails
   * [GERONIMO-1339] db pool size & connection attributes are not  
saved in config.xml
   * [GERONIMO-1340] Assemblies include all car files in the repository
   * [GERONIMO-1344] Get java usage help when a trailing slash '/' is  
in GERONIMO_HOME environment variable when running geronimo.bat
   * [GERONIMO-1345] Connection pool resizing does not calculate what  
to do correctly
   * [GERONIMO-1348] Packaging plugin does not set extension directories
   * [GERONIMO-1352] RMI port number is not specified in URL for  
JMXConnector in server config.xml files
   * [GERONIMO-1370] velocity.log is created in current directory on  
server startup
   * [GERONIMO-1379] Login Error page does not include updates to  
remove table and include About link
   * [GERONIMO-1387] Geronimo Console Applications portlets fail  
after starting app client.
   * [GERONIMO-1395] text files (except *.bat files) have LF endings  
in ZIP file
   * [GERONIMO-1406] BUILDING.txt needs update to reflect the  
removing of assembly directory
   * [GERONIMO-1409] A Filter is initialized with a wrong TCCL.
   * [GERONIMO-1411] servlet 2.3 context-param elements are not  
converted properly to servlet 2.4 schema
   * [GERONIMO-1416] [daytrader] Broken links on benchmarking page
   * [GERONIMO-1419] javax.mail.internet.InternetHeaders has some non  
implemented features
   * [GERONIMO-1425] access to unprotected web resource after login  
does not use correct Subject
   * [GERONIMO-1433] Security vulnerability of WEB-INF contents on  
windows platforms
   * [GERONIMO-1435] resource-env-ref mapping by admin-object-link  
   * [GERONIMO-1436] [daytrader] Build instructions in applications 
\daytrader\README file out of date
   * [GERONIMO-1437] INFO  [Http11Protocol] messages (from tomcat)  
written to stdout during startup of Geronimo
   * [GERONIMO-1438] INFO  [StandardContext] logged (from Tomcat)  
during shutdown of Geronimo
   * [GERONIMO-1440] JAASJettyRealm not shared enough
   * [GERONIMO-1441] "Build path contains duplicate entry" errors for  
some geronimo projects in eclipse
   * [GERONIMO-1443] The hot deployer should accept plan-only  
deployments just like the online deployer
   * [GERONIMO-1446] Tomcat server assembly does not include geronimo  
javamail car
   * [GERONIMO-1447] MagicGBall sample does not work in AG 1.0
   * [GERONIMO-1448] debug-tool does not work on Tomcat
   * [GERONIMO-1450] Console usage plans use old namspace & parentId
   * [GERONIMO-1452] Config.xml refers to the wrong JMX remote  
service gbean (Fix included)
   * [GERONIMO-1455] Start of CAR does not load and start its GBeans
   * [GERONIMO-1456] has a meta-inf folder in  
the root directory
   * [GERONIMO-1457] Change trunk version to 1.1-SNAPSHOT
   * [GERONIMO-1463] Tomcat doesn't always get the right servlet name  
when evaluating isUserInRole
   * [GERONIMO-1465] FixCRLF processing in assembly plugin sometimes  
fails under windows trying to rename a temp file
   * [GERONIMO-1467] DB pool portlet error when web session saved
   * [GERONIMO-1468] FileSystemRepository#listUris() produces wrong  
URI array when the repository contains a malformed entry
   * [GERONIMO-1473] ApplicationPolicyConfigurationManager doesn't  
clear permissions on startup
   * [GERONIMO-1474] Cross site scripting vulnerabilites
   * [GERONIMO-1477] JMX debug tool should not be loaded in the  
supplied config.xml
   * [GERONIMO-1480] Cross context include does not set jacc  
contextID for 2nd web app. (Tomcat only)
   * [GERONIMO-1489] Minor fixes/updates to jUDDI webapp and Tomcat  
   * [GERONIMO-1490] setjavaenv.bat is not called by deploy.bat
   * [GERONIMO-1497] DatabasePoolPortlet Unable to save connection pool
   * [GERONIMO-1503] keystore generated by KeyStore portlet could not  
be used to add either Jetty or Tomcat HTTPS Listeners
   * [GERONIMO-1505] Installer should default Tomcat on at runtime if  
Jetty pack is not selected
   * [GERONIMO-1513] The directory "geronimo-1.0\lib\extension" does  
not match the "Extension-Dirs: lib/ext" value in server.jar's file
   * [GERONIMO-1517] Installer - Install Derby with base J2EE Features
   * [GERONIMO-1523] Openejb corba class is included (serialized) in  
all enc contexts
   * [GERONIMO-1525] Error in DB Pool Portlet
   * [GERONIMO-1528] javax.mail.BodyPart does not implement setParent 
() method
   * [GERONIMO-1530] javax.mail.Service does not properly implement  
the protocol between javamail infrastructure and transport handlers.
   * [GERONIMO-1535] Error in security realm portlet
   * [GERONIMO-1536] Installer - j2ee-installer assembly project.xml fix
   * [GERONIMO-1537] Installer - IzPack assembly does not qualify  
plugin version for code copied to installer assembly for use at  
install time
   * [GERONIMO-1540] Fix security vulnerability in jsp-examples
   * [GERONIMO-1541] Unable to deploy applications in new Minimal and  
WEB-JMS assemblies
   * [GERONIMO-1558] InternetHeaders not handling setHeader(String  
name, Address[] addresses) properly.
   * [GERONIMO-1561] Misspelling in Kernel Exception Message
   * [GERONIMO-1566] Binary distributions (both zip and tgz) contain  
a META-INF/ file under the geronimo-1.0 directory.
   * [GERONIMO-1569] improve packaging plugin control of logging.
   * [GERONIMO-1570] jetty is setting hosts instead of virtual hosts
   * [GERONIMO-1578] Including wadi and its dependencies in the jetty  
configuration/classpath breaks numerous bits of geronimo
   * [GERONIMO-1695] CORBA for EJB with Local interface only causes NPE
   * [GERONIMO-1596] Repeated interface in JMS connection factory  
plan causes deployment failure
   * [GERONIMO-1599] HOWLLog throws NPE because XidFactory is missing
   * [GERONIMO-1603] shutdown.bat does not set ERRORLEVEL and does  
   * [GERONIMO-1604] Output from is inconsistent with  
other scripts - does not output info on environment variable settings  
(e.g. JAVA_HOME)
   * [GERONIMO-1609] Fix typo in error message in geronimo.bat -  
"cannot find ...setclasspath.bat" should read "cannot  
find ...setjavaenv.bat"
   * [GERONIMO-1610] deploy.bat does not honour GERONIMO_BATCH_ECHO  
and GERONIMO_BATCH_PAUSE environment variables
   * [GERONIMO-1612] Remove - 
Djava.endorsed.dirs="$JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS"  from commands in
   * [GERONIMO-1615] CSS GSSUP dynamic auth sends domain name as  
   * [GERONIMO-1616] CSS GSSUP token encoding sets username to  
username@domain but decoding does not reverse that
   * [GERONIMO-1634] NoClassDefFoundError from Derby Log Viewer
   * [GERONIMO-1643] NullTransport class needs to implement  
   * [GERONIMO-1649] Invalid deployment descriptor error when  
deploying an EJB 2.0 MDB
   * [GERONIMO-1669] javamail Transport.send() is not issuing connect 
() on the transport before sending the message.
   * [GERONIMO-1671] InternetAddress.getLocalAddress() does not  
properly implement the local address resolution path.
   * [GERONIMO-1676] Tomcat assembly get FileNotFoundException for  
geronimo.log during server initalization
   * [GERONIMO-1696] JPDA run command not listed in usage help for and geronimo.bat
   * [GERONIMO-1699] jdom classes not available for information portlet
   * [GERONIMO-1743] Deploy.bat doesn't accept any arguments and  
hence doesn't work.
   * [GERONIMO-1744] "dt_shmem" default in geronimo.bat for  
JPDA_TRANSPORT environment variable not compatible with Eclipse debugger
   * [GERONIMO-1745] The JPDA_OPTS environment variable is not  
honoured by geronimo.bat and is inconsistent with
   * [GERONIMO-1765] POP3 and NNTP messages should throw an exception  
if headers are modified.
   * [GERONIMO-1788] Allow for disabling of cookies in web application
   * [GERONIMO-1793] MimeBodyPart setDescription()/getDescription()  
is not properly encoding header description data.
   * [GERONIMO-1794] javamail Service class is not setting debug flag.
   * [GERONIMO-1797] Mail attachments are not getting recognized as  
MIME parts
   * [GERONIMO-1819] Port SQL realm fix from 1.1 to HEAD
   * [GERONIMO-1822] Connector builder doesn't check consistency of  
transaction settings
   * [GERONIMO-1887] Remove unneeded jars from console WEB-INF/lib  
   * [GERONIMO-1965] NNTPSTransportGBean is configuring wrong mail  
   * [GERONIMO-1984] New Keystore portlet - Add Trust Certificate  
throws exception
   * [GERONIMO-1985] More then one configuration mananger was found  
in kernel with daytrader-derby-jetty-streamer-client
   * [GERONIMO-1996] Error during deployment may result in files not  
being cleaned up properly
   * [GERONIMO-2056] Plugins plugin.xml has hardcoded version numbers
   * [GERONIMO-2058] Invalid gbean names in config.xml do not prevent  
server starting or module starting
   * [GERONIMO-2068] Upgrade tool should deal with gbean-name element  
in gbean refs.
   * [GERONIMO-2076] Must edit config.xml to provide custom plugin  
install source
   * [GERONIMO-2083] Use howl-logger-1.0.1-1.jar
   * [GERONIMO-2100] Subject can remain attached to thread on return  
from web app request, causing problems later on subsequent use of  
that thread
   * [GERONIMO-2104] NPE in maven1repo when bad directory name is listed
   * [GERONIMO-2108] web app deployment fails with strange error if  
geronimo-web.xml defines a message-destination
   * [GERONIMO-2117] Remove files - they  
are no longer used
   * [GERONIMO-2119] new javamail components need scm tags in pom.xml  
   * [GERONIMO-2125] Classpath entries in the web app archive META- 
INF/MANIFEST.MF are not added to the wep app class path
   * [GERONIMO-2130] javamail MimeUtilityTest fails on Mac OS/X
   * [GERONIMO-2131] "Installed Configuration" message written using  
System.out.println(..) instead of using the log
   * [GERONIMO-2134] Shutdown error in ConfigurationClassLoader on  
Java 5
   * [GERONIMO-2136] Remove About icon and about page from console
   * [GERONIMO-2138] Configuration jsp-examples-tomcat includes Jetty  
   * [GERONIMO-2141] javamail providers component referencing non- 
released version of activation specs.
   * [GERONIMO-2164] Creating SQL- based security realm fails
   * [GERONIMO-2165] Javamail provider component needs dependency  
update to released 1.1 spec version for javamail 1.3.1 and activation.
   * [GERONIMO-2171] some portions of a build still look at
   * [GERONIMO-2175] etc/ should be  
automatically generated (or made unecessary)
   * [GERONIMO-2193] Build test failure in MimeUtilityTest on the Mac
   * [GERONIMO-2195] SharedLib GBean fails to start if shared/lib and  
shared/classes dirs are missing
   * [GERONIMO-2197] NPE when the "edit" link is selected on the  
Security Realms console page
   * [GERONIMO-2198] CSSBean creates 2 unnecessary threads for every  
   * [GERONIMO-2199] Key portion of Geronimo-1145 appears have gotten  
   * [GERONIMO-2200] SMTP debug output echos portions of the output  
   * [GERONIMO-2202] Move to new Apache Maven 1 repo (repo/m1- 
   * [GERONIMO-2208] bad classpath in geronimo-deploy-jsr88-1.1.jar
   * [GERONIMO-2213] Bug in ServerConstants cause NPE when geronimo- is missing
   * [GERONIMO-2214] Use m2 filtering to fill in values for geronimo- 
version.propertes (and friends)
   * [GERONIMO-2222] Application errors in static initialization  
blocks during serialization of configuration during deployment  due  
to incorrect TCCL
   * [GERONIMO-2234] User can lock the default keystore without  
warning, making jetty server unusable
   * [GERONIMO-2235] Locking default keystore results in  
serialization error on tomcat termination
   * [GERONIMO-2237] Filtering of in  
TomcatDeployer plan creates CNF Exceptions in Ears
   * [GERONIMO-2241] Duplicate attributes created in config.xml for  
   * [GERONIMO-2243] GBean references do not trim space from  
interface names (ref-type)
   * [GERONIMO-2247] Apllications Portlets: "Restart" column does not  
alternate background color
   * [GERONIMO-2252] A locked key in a keystore can never be unlocked.
   * [GERONIMO-2256] update m:checkout goal to use http to checkout  
   * [GERONIMO-2259] Redeploy fails when module is not running
   * [GERONIMO-2260] Plugin export process loses data
   * [GERONIMO-2261] Stopped module makes plugin eligible
   * [GERONIMO-2268] Security Realm with more than one LoginModule  
does not function as expected
   * [GERONIMO-2269] Error after redeploy (with no version in module ID)
   * [GERONIMO-2270] Redeploy broken in 1.1.1
   * [GERONIMO-2272] Fix bad javamail version in
   * [GERONIMO-2281] Deploy tool does not work (built from new m2 build)
   * [GERONIMO-2285] Console Show Plan screens have bad EAR plan in  
   * [GERONIMO-2295] Web app security constraint ignored if url- 
pattern doesn't match servlet mapping exactly
   * [GERONIMO-2298] geronimo-deploy-jsr88 jar is missing manifest  
entries in m2 build
   * [GERONIMO-2302] Unable to deploy from the console
   * [GERONIMO-2304] Can't deploy on minimal assemblies produced with  
m2 build
   * [GERONIMO-2305]  
geronimo.kernel.classloader.JarFileUrlStreamHandler fails with Trinidad
   * [GERONIMO-2306] Add ASL info to LICENSE/NOTICE files in geronimo- 
util jar file and BouncyCastle info to root directory LICENSE/NOTICE
   * [GERONIMO-2309] MimeMessageTest can give failures for some  
Windows configurations.
   * [GERONIMO-2319] Unable to create a new OpenWire Listener from  
   * [GERONIMO-2321] DB Pool wizard allows "/" in the DB Pool name
   * [GERONIMO-2325] unable to deploy from console with m2 build
   * [GERONIMO-2326] unable to deploy a database pool
   * [GERONIMO-2327] Need to encode colons for JACC web permissions
   * [GERONIMO-2330] mismatched constructor gbean error message  
doesn't actually show the expected classes
   * [GERONIMO-2338] m2 assemblies have no way of getting rars/jars  
that aren't car dependencies into the g repo
   * [GERONIMO-2346] DB Info in console does not work and shows  
'java.sql.SQLException' in the log
   * [GERONIMO-2347] JMS Resources don't work in the console for  
   * [GERONIMO-2355] javamail MimeUtility tests will not work in all  
code pages.
   * [GERONIMO-2362] NPEs in DConfigBean/DDBean code
   * [GERONIMO-2373] build broken with the removal of geronimo- 
j2ee_1.4_spec from the specs

Tasks (16):

   * [GERONIMO-851] Move Geronimo Build to M2 (Maven 2)
   * [GERONIMO-1164] Java Adventure Builder Reference application  
   * [GERONIMO-1326] Remove ServiceMix modules / builder from 1.0 branch
   * [GERONIMO-1458] Use JacORB IDL Compiler instead of Sun's idlj
   * [GERONIMO-1514] Fix installer license statements
   * [GERONIMO-1544] Installer - Straighten out licensing issues for  
IzPack sub-components.
   * [GERONIMO-1644] Migrate kernel module to Maven2
   * [GERONIMO-1672]  Module migration to Maven2: security
   * [GERONIMO-1702] The latest maven 1 Build process
   * [GERONIMO-2053] Restting Geronimo Build Tree for 1.2 Development  
for post 1.1 activities
   * [GERONIMO-2107] Begin reorganization of the javamail source tree.
   * [GERONIMO-2161] [RTC] Remove Geronimo modules from  
dependencyManagement in root pom.xml
   * [GERONIMO-2162] Rename all modules to match the artifactId  
defined in the module's pom.xml
   * [GERONIMO-2174] Remove "modules/console-web"
   * [GERONIMO-2331] Remove Maven 1 Artificats from Trunk and  
Reorganize Directories to Conform to Maven 2 Layouts
   * [GERONIMO-2334] Drop installer-support module (izpack installer  

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