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From David Jencks <>
Subject [RTC] Split connector + transaction manager out of j2ee-server, and related stuff
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 22:49:25 GMT

Thinking about how we might support plugging in a jta11 transaction  
manager I remembered that one part of the little-g work we never did  
was to split the connector and transaction stuff out from the core  
j2ee stuff.    I made this work in the patches to the above issue.   
Basically this involves a major cleanup of dependencies between cars  
and geronimo jars, fixing a big bug in the AppClientModuleBuilder  
where it was using the wrong classloader to deploy client side rars,   
and a small amount of actually moving gbeans into new  
configurations.  Here's a summary:


all the tm GBeans  and ConnectionTrackingCoordinatorGBean are moved  
to the new transaction module (configuration)

similar beans in the client are moved to client-transaction module


connector-builder, resource-ref and resource-env-ref builder gbeans  
are moved to the new connector-deployer module.  This includes the  
newly introduced 2nd connector-builder gbean for the app client.

There are also a bunch of default environment changes so apps get the  
correct parents at runtime.

About 95% of the changes are bug fixes..... I still think I need at  
least support for the idea of this split with some pmc votes.

Many thanks!
david jencks

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