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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Let us please use a JIRA for every code change we make
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 11:47:27 GMT

On Sep 19, 2006, at 6:57 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> There are always small changes that are not directly tied to a  
> specific JIRA issue.  My point is that by making it a requirement  
> to have a JIRA issue that people will end up creating more issues  
> than we really nee (or want).
> I have made a lot of small changes to the build which fit into this  
> category.  Some clean up also fits into that category.  Say, adding  
> or fixing javadocs, or adding TODO comments, etc... all things  
> which probably don't have a JIRA issue and it would be a PITA to  
> force folks to go an make one.  That is way to artificial and  
> pointless.

I agree with Jason. There are instances (and Jason's mentioned a few)  
where generating a Jira ends up producing noise to the community and  
extra work for the developer, without delivering any additional  
benefit to the community.

Perhaps you can be a little more explicit about the problem and we  
can work our way to a solution?

I doubt that the types of changes referenced by Jason are the types  
of changes that you're seeing a problem with... Perhaps you can  
discuss the problem a bit more specifically? Are you seeing instances  
where larger functional enhancements/commits aren't referencing Jira/ 

I'm guessing that you are seeing commits for significant functional  
enhancements for which a Jira was not created (and thus not  
referenced in the commit message). If this is your issue, then I  
think we can find a reasonable solution which the community will  
agree with...


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