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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Let us please use a JIRA for every code change we make
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 21:33:57 GMT
On Sep 19, 2006, at 7:57 AM, Prasad Kashyap wrote:
> I am more concerned about having a ready link between a change and
> it's relevant discussion. How do we maintain it ? Would people have to
> take the trouble of googling the  archives to search for the relevant
> discussion ? This is kinda tangential to the discussion on the other
> thread about having javadocs.
> Going thro' subversion history doesn't necessarily provide this link.
> Not all changes have the required, appropriate comments.

I would be more inclined to put the relevant comments into the  
subversion commit, as IMO that is the definitive location for the  
projects data.  JIRA provides a view on top of subversion to better  
organize tasks and bugs, and rolls that up into versions nicly... but  
when something breaks, I want to be able to look at the history of  
svn to see what is going on... and bouncing back and forth from svn  
to JIRA because all of the details are in the JIRA would be a PITA.

Anyways, I have seen companies "force" JIRA's for every commit... in  
fact I implemented that at my last gig... and it blew up because  
people would just create lame JIRA issues... which just trashes up  
JIRA making is overall less useful.

However, I do think that for controlled branches that it is a good  
idea... but not as a general policy.  General policy that dictates  
forced JIRA creation for everything is a very, very, very bad idea.   
This is open source... not IBM :-P

> Next,  are there any guidelines about when to create JIRAs and when
> one can get by without ?

Well... if you contribute by patches, then you need to create an  
issue, which is obvious.  If you are making a non-trivial change that  
should be noted in the release material then you should make an issue  
(like if you are adding, changing or removing a dependency).  New  
features should obviously get issues, same with bugs.  And I guess if  
you can't decide if it needs an issue or not... then I would learn  
towards creating an issue.

But more generally, JIRA issues should be used to track tasks and  
bugs... not individual changes to code.  The changes augment the JIRA  
data, so that when looking at the issue one can get a complete (more  
or less, hopefully more) picture about what was done to implement/fix  
the feature/bug.

IMO, if there is a relevant JIRA, then the svn commit should include  
the JIRA id (exact case, so that the JIRA svn plugin can link it  
properly).  The comment in svn should also include the relevant  
change details, and should never (ever) just include the JIRA id...  
in fact this is probably one of the only hard and fast rule that I  
think is worth enforcing... that and maybe don't but in garbage into  
the commit msg... I have seen it before (not here) where people just  
type in random garbage (mostly with p4, since it requires a non-empty  


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