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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Testsuite module, with basic/crude Selenium support
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 21:18:57 GMT
On Sep 2, 2006, at 6:28 AM, Bill Dudney wrote:
> This is very cool indeed, thanks for putting the prototype  
> together. I just submitted a patch that makes firefox pop up only  
> once to run all the tests (it actually pops up twice, once during  
> selenium.start() and then once for the test suite but the first  
> time is for a split second).


> It uses a JUnit TestDecorator to run setup only once for the whole  
> suite.
> IMO until we move to JDK 5 its not a great idea to move to TestNG,  
> you will get some benefits for sure but the source has to be parsed  
> at runtime to get at the meta-data (i.e. the info about the tests).  
> Krufty IMO.

Eh... I actually think using extensions to JUnit (especially since  
surefire can freak out on them, like it is doing in OpenEJB2) is more  
icky then having TestNG parse some javadoc comments to determine tests.

Plus the ability to inject configuration data into tests also seems  
very appealing.  That could be used to easily pass in the browser  
string to use, then configure the set of tests to run against FF and IE.

I think it is worth a try, since this is all new tests... IMO its a  
great time to do an evaluation of TestNG.

> The patch has a comment about invalid XHTML.  I believe the invalid  
> XHTML part of the console is preventing the XPath find from working.

Any idea how to fix this... seems like we need to get this working so  
we can actually perform real content tests.  Maybe need to hookup  
jtidy as an output filter... or I think if we were using sitemesh to  
render top look then it might reformat.


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