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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: When has the server started?
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 20:54:24 GMT
On Sep 4, 2006, at 1:39 PM, David Jencks wrote:
> IMO this would be a perversion of the geronimo architecture.  What  
> does "fully started" mean anyway?  If you start with say geronimo- 
> jetty-minimal and add cars to turn it into a full j2ee server while  
> it is running, when exactly is it started?  It certainly has  
> nothing to do with the kernel.
> When we thought about this last the best idea we could come up with  
> is that it's "fully started" when all the modules listed in  
> persistent configuration lists (should be persistent module lists)  
> that are in the bootstrap or included recursively in those modules  
> are started. Think about what happens if a module in the original  
> PCL includes another PCL.

Started (or fully started) means that the server has loaded,  
initialized and started all modules in the persistent configuration,  
such that it could then start to serve applications... and start  
listening on ports, etc.  True there might be more modules to be  
loaded or configured after that, but the point is to tell when the  
server is ready to start accepting work.  There is a period while the  
server is starting, when it starts listening to http, but it is not  
ready to serve applications which have been configured to be deployed.

Anyways, I don't care too much what it is called... but I think that  
flag should be exposed as a simple Boolean on some common MBean.   
Maybe its not the Kernel, as the kernel might be started, but the  
system might not be ready to serve my webapps or whatever.  Having to  
pull in geronimo-kernel to perform a simple remote call to fetch a  
boolean is overkill... especially since that module has magical  
logging fluff that rudely overwrites configuration.

If we had a specialized MBean/GBean that just exposed the very common  
remote functionality via JMX directly then we would be in a very good  
position to keep tools (IDE plugins, maven plugins, etc) working even  
after we change the internals around.  Such tools need an easy way to:

  * Detect when the server is started and ready to server applications
  * Shutdown

Probably some other things too...


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