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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: [VOTE SUMMARY] 1.1.1-rc3
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 14:50:08 GMT
Sorry to be a pain, but I thought we had to vote on the actual  
artifact we plan to release, not something similar to the artifact we  
plan to release.

So, IMO we may have voted to release something called 1.1.1-rc3, with  
lots of 1.1.1-rc3 versioned jars inside it.  I don't think we can  
release something called 1.1.1 with 1.1.1 versioned jars in it  
without an additional vote.

I'm +1 on rebuilding with the actual version number without code  
changes, but I think we need to vote on the result yet again.

BTW I find a problem creating a datasource through the console for a  
xa datasource -- I fixed a similar problem in trunk recently, but  
don't think this needs to block the release.

Am I on crack?

david jencks

On Sep 12, 2006, at 9:18 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> Voting has concluded.  There were 7 +1 votes and a comment by Paul  
> that has been researched and addressed.
> I will release 1.1.1 later today.
> Thanks to everyone who worked on this monster :)

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