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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Prioritizes for 1.2
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:25:24 GMT
[This is a followup to the "Getting releases out" email I sent last  
week in which I said I would start a thread on prioritizing the  
features for 1.2.  Unfortunately, I had to travel earlier this week,  
and only am getting to this now.  Sorry]

For the 1.2 release, we have decided to define the release in terms  
of completed features (feature boxed).  The means we need to decide  
on the features we want to define this release.  Normally, this type  
of discussion quickly turns into a bike shed, and I ask all of you to  
try to keep focused on our goal: a prioritized feature list.  With  
this in mind, I'd like us to divide this task into to a collection  
phase and a separate prioritization phase.

Collection (9/28 - 10/2)
   I have started a page in our development wiki (http:// to collect an unsorted  
list of features *you* would like to see in 1.2.  Please, only add  
the stuff *you* want to see in the 1.2 release.  Please, do not add  
duplicate entries, features already checked into trunk, add votes,  
add your name to the page, or attempt to sort or prioritize the  
list.  We will handle all of that stuff in the next phase.

Prioritization (10/2 - 10/6)
   Once we have the list, we will prioritize the list via a vote on  
the dev list.

Finally, I will gather estimates about completing the features and we  
may need to reprioritize, but that is for another day :)

Thanks in advance for you help on this issue,


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