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From "Aaron Mulder" <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] Are we done merging from branch/dead-1.2?
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 17:31:11 GMT
Oops.  I thought dead-1.2 was... something else.  I certainly never
merged anything into "dead-1.2".  Did trunk at some point become
dead-1.2 and something else became trunk?  From the list below it
looks like I have a lot to do!


On 9/11/06, Dain Sundstrom <> wrote:
> Alan, Aaron, Hiram, Matt, Jan, Jeff, Jacek, John, James, Jules and
> Kevin,
> You all have commits documented in the
> asf/geronimo/server/trunk/all_changes.log file as not merged from
> dead-1.2 into trunk.  Please take a moment either let us know which
> commits need to be merged, or edit the file to note the commits that
> don't need a merge.
> A summary of your commits follow:
> adc
> r367046 3 lines PR: GERONIMO-1432 Removed wrapPrincipals attribute.
> ammulder
> r367144 2 lines Merge JavaDoc URL change from branch
> r367145 2 lines Merge fix to GERONIMO-1435 from branch.
> r371461 3 lines Apply changes from branch (Fixes GERONIMO-1510,
> contributes to GERONIMO-1137,   other minor fixes)
> r371779 2 lines Merge JCAResourceAdapter change from branch
> r371787 2 lines Merge new JMS portlet change from branch
> r371964 2 lines Merge JMS portlet improvements from branch
> r372286 2 lines Merge fix for GERONIMO-1387 from branch
> r372306 2 lines Mwerge fix for GERONIMO-1450 from branch
> r372312 2 lines Merge GERONIMO-1467 change from branch
> r372324 2 lines Merge fix for GERONIMO-1474 from branch
> r372334 2 lines Merge potential fix for GERONIMO-1426 from branch
> r372352 2 lines Merge workaround for GERONIMO-1421 from branch
> r372358 2 lines Merge fix for GERONIMO-1379 from branch
> r372367 2 lines Merge fix for GERONIMO-1468 from branch
> r376866 2 lines Merge GERONIMO-1349 fix from branch
> r383230 5 lines I like the way the JMS portlet is structured much
> more than the way the   JDBC and Security Realm portlets are.
> Extracting the framework for   that so it can be used by future
> portlets. Will use this for GERONIMO-1691
> r388236 8 lines Console enhancements  - a new portlet to help
> configure Apache HTTP via mod_jk  - start of a new keystore
> management portlet that can handle multiple    keystores Geronimo
> improvements as necesary to support those  - new Keystore GBeans  -
> more logic around parent/child module relationships
> r388257 2 lines Move the default keystore into the new keystores/
> directory
> r388671 2 lines Console can export and download configuration CARs
> r388832 3 lines Move the configuration download and install logic
> from the console   into a GBean
> r388868 4 lines Configuration installer works from the command line
> - use deploy tool argument install-configs and pass the Maven repo
> URL    as an argument
> r389206 8 lines Use the new keystore manager to manage the default
> keystore distributed   with Geronimo. Update the Jetty HTTPS
> connector to be configured by the keystore manager   instead of by
> hardcoding files, passwords, etc. Update the console to allow
> unlocking a keystore and private key for use,   and to make the
> create Jetty HTTPS connector configuration select from   the
> available keystores (still need edit support)
> r390687 6 lines Now one Geronimo server can pull configurations from
> another  - Expose the contents of the Geronimo config-store &
> repository as a Maven    repository.  - Add an authentication option
> to the import configuration process.  - Switch the configuration
> descriptor file to XML and add more detail
> r390688 3 lines Don't show configurations where the current server
> doesn't meet the   prerequisites
> r390690 2 lines Only prompt for eligible configurations at the
> command line
> r390692 3 lines Only count configurations as eligible for
> installation if there's a match   on the Geronimo version
> chirino
> r389341 5 lines - Upgrading ActiveMQ from 3.2.1 to 4.0-SNAPSHOT.   On
> the next versioned release (RC2), we should switch to using that. -
> One of DLQ console portlet will not work anymore :( - A 3.2.1 copy of
> activemq-core is being brought in because OpenEJB is using WADI
> hogstrom
> r367423 1 line  Added code to warn users that JDKs other than 1.4 may
> not function correctly
> r370034 1 line  Updated Daytrader to not have hardcoded dependencies
> r370035 1 line  Updated configs to disassociate daytrader version
> from geronimo
> r370912 1 line  GERONIMO-1506 Database portlet version issue
> r371835 1 line  GERONIMO-1534 - Updated Daytrader plan to correct
> incorrect classname for DB2SyntaxFactory
> r373920 1 line  Geronimo-1561 spelling correction of Exception Messages
> r374253 1 line  Geronimo-1336 Corrected issue when specifying
> database pool sizes
> r374281 1 line  Geronimo-1489 Minor fixes to JUDDI JSP application
> r388275 1 line  Updated derby.txt to point to correct ddl
> r395886 1 line  GERONIMO-1844 Precompile jsp pages in console - Added
> the from the patch
> janb
> r366693 2 lines removing axion and special activemq wadi versions and
> therefore jgenenders' codehaus repository from repo list
> jgenender
> r368104 1 line  Fix unit tests
> r368393 1 line  Backed out to 368343 to remove hard coded clustering
> configuration
> r368746 1 line  Remove the WADI hard code and use the ManagerGBean
> interface instead (which is a parent of WADIGBean)
> r373669 1 line  Fix Unit Tests
> r374759 1 line  Added BeforeAfters for cross context and a listener
> r374885 1 line  Save the Request during x-context dispatch
> r376068 1 line  GERONIMO-1480 - set and get servlet wrapper name
> during dispatch
> r376109 1 line  Tidy up code
> r376223 1 line  Fix array issue
> r379954 1 line  Added emptySessionPath to ConnectorGBean
> r380696 1 line  Added empty attribute to the config.xml attribute and
> reference tags.  Updated to spit out the proper writeXml() too.
> r381416 1 line  Place a null check for the infos Set.
> r381897 1 line  Fixed a bug I had put in on my last commit.
> r381929 1 line  Added value and null attributes and empty attrs and
> refs are now clearing/removal of the set value.
> r382099 1 line  Update schema to reflect the value and null attributes.
> r389296 1 line  GERONIMO-1705 and GERONIMO-973
> r389577 1 line  Add patch for IE browser
> r389606 2 lines Change rounding to make download value zero based.
> r389664 1 line  GERONIMO-1788 - allow to disable cookies in web
> application
> r391699 1 line  Reset the current caller in the before afters
> jlaskowski
> r358649 10 lines    Applied patch by Jakob Faerch (@see jrf-patch-
> partially-20051222.patch at
> GERONIMO-1164)  Some small changes:  + change
> portToConnectToWebservices to webServicePort  + web-service-address
> changed its content to reference webServicePort  + get default goal
> to work  WARNING: Web Services keep failing because of missing class
> - java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet
> r365364 11 lines    Jakob's patch applied. @see http://
>  The
> changes (copied from Jakob's comment):   + Moved the deployer-
> configurable properties from maven.xml to  +
> Changed the geronimo artifact id used in unpackServer from the tomcat
> distribution to the jetty distribution, as I experienced some
> problems with the Tomcat distro.  + Added dependencies for geronimo-
> javamail-transport-1.0.jar, and added them to the list of jars being
> copied manually in the unpackServer goal  + Moved around some of the
> properties in the configuration of the MailGBean and
> SMTPTransportGBean. It seems that the SMTPTransportGBean isn't
> necessary, so I have removed it.  Great job! Thanks Jakob!
> r382389 1 line  GERONIMO-1670: SMTPTransport not throwing correct
> exception for message send failures
> r383090 4 lines GERONIMO-1673 SMTPTransport is not performing byte-
> stuffing and newline canonicalization on message data  Thanks Rick!
> r383915 1 line  Revert to the old directory setting until something
> better is implemented as it broke the m1-based build
> r387174 1 line  Fix the failing SecurityTest and add resources to
> svn:ignore
> r387197 1 line  Fix the remaining inappropriately-migrated tests
> r390662 2 lines Enable M2 to be able to run in applications.
> Previously, there were some bizzare changes that duplicated content
> of several files.
> jsisson
> r367166 1 line  GERONIMO-1416 - fix broken links and typo.
> r367213 1 line  GERONIMO-1437 : prevent INFO [Http11Protocol]
> messages (from tomcat) being logged during startup that show ports
> being used, as there is no need for them since we summarise the ports
> in use by Geronimo when startup has completed.
> r368569 1 line  GERONIMO-1465 - ensure InputStreams are closed rather
> than leaving it up to garbage collection / finalization.
> r368592 3 lines Fix GERONIMO-1452 - Config.xml refers to the wrong
> JMX remote service gbean.   Fix GERONIMO-1352 - RMI port number is
> not specified in URL for JMXConnector in server config.xml files
> (merged from 1.0 branch)
> r370077 1 line  GERONIMO-1344 - Fix issue where you get Java usage
> help when a trailing slash '/' is in GERONIMO_HOME environment
> variable (merged from 1.0 branch)
> r372115 1 line  GERONIMO-615 - improve code where
> RMIClassLoaderSpiImpl.normalizeCodebase(..) unnecessarily caused
> MalformedURLExceptions to be generated and caught.
> r373707 1 line  GERONIMO-1544 - Apply Erik's patch to resolve
> licensing issues with IzPack components.  Thanks Erik! (merged from
> 1.0 branch)
> r374366 1 line  GERONIMO-1278 - fix problem on windows where rename
> fails during fixcrlf processing in installer (merged from 1.0 branch).
> r376105 2 lines GERONIMO-1490 - setjavaenv.bat not called by
> deploy.bat GERONIMO-1610 - deploy.bat does not honour
> r376106 1 line  GERONIMO-1490 - does not call
> r376110 1 line  GERONIMO-1608 - Improve script documentation
> r376111 1 line  GERONIMO-1603 - shutdown.bat does not set ERRORLEVEL
> environment variables
> r376114 1 line  GERONIMO-1609 - Fix typo in error message
> r376116 1 line  GERONIMO-1606 - Display message indicating Geronimo
> is being started in a separate window when started with geronimo.bat
> or startup.bat
> r376118 1 line  GERONIMO-1612 - Remove -
> Djava.endorsed.dirs="$JAVA_ENDORSED_DIRS" from commands in
> Was accidentally carried over from the Tomcat code the
> script was based upon.
> r376121 1 line  GERONIMO-1604 - Make scripts consistent in the output
> of environment variable information (previously deploy.bat and
> did not output this information).  Also allow environment
> variable information to be turned off using the new GERONIMO_ENV_INFO
> environment variable.
> r376123 1 line  GERONIMO-1607 - Allow arguments to the Windows START
> command to be specified in an environment variable
> r381215 1 line  GERONIMO-1649 - Test case for Invalid deployment
> descriptor error when deploying an EJB 2.0 MDB (merged from 1.0 branch)
> r381216 3 lines GERONIMO-1649 - Fix Invalid deployment descriptor
> error when deploying an EJB 2.0 MDB (see associated test case in rev
> 381215) merged from 1.0 branch
> r386193 1 line  GERONIMO-1743 - Fix bug with argument processing in
> deploy.bat that was recently introduced (merged from 1.1 branch).
> r386230 1 line  GERONIMO-1696 - Display "JPDA run" command as part of
> usage help (merged from 1.1 branch)
> r386231 1 line  GERONIMO-1744 - "dt_shmem" default in geronimo.bat
> for JPDA_TRANSPORT environment variable not compatible with Eclipse
> debugger (merged from 1.1 branch).
> r386232 1 line  GERONIMO-1745 - * The JPDA_OPTS environment variable
> is not honoured by geronimo.bat and is inconsistent with
> (merged from 1.1 branch).
> jstrachan
> r369280 1 line  A spike for a simple API for working with stateful
> session bean state from OpenEJB, ServiceMix or Tuscany; its very
> simple to use & has all thats required from the perspective of the
> client; we should be able to layer this on pretty much any
> implementation technology like WADI et al
> r369309 1 line  a simple local implementation of the Session to allow
> single-JVM session management which can offer optional persistence
> but no remote sessions
> r369313 1 line  added a simple version of a remote-capable Locator
> which supports local or remote session objects which can be moved and
> new servers added or existing ones removed
> r369319 1 line  added a little helper strategy for deciding whether
> to redirect, proxy or move when faced with a remote session
> jules
> r368344 8 lines Rationalise and unify Jetty and Tomcat approaches to
> installation of WADI behind a distributable webapp.  This is now done
> via two attributes on the top-level WebContainer component -
> LocalSessionManager and DistributableSessionManager, which may be set
> to the classnames of the required managers.
> kevan
> r370204 1 line  More appropriate shutdown of ActiveMQ broker within
> the Geronimo server. Geronimo will control stopping of broker, not
> active mq's shutdown handler
> r370682 1 line  Inhiibit coyote info messages during startup. Fix is
> needed for Installer and for consistency for jetty
> r370690 1 line  Inhibit catalina StandardContext info messages during
> shutdown.
> r371391 1 line  Use latest Jetty version to avoid security exposure
> on Windows
> r373180 1 line  Fix cross-site scripting problems in samples
> r374665 1 line  Fix for relative links in jmxdebug on Tomcat
> r379525 1 line  Add simple protocolConnect implementation to
> NullTransport. See GERONIMO-1643
> r389626 1 line  Initial import.
> r389627 1 line  Initial import.
> r389629 1 line  Remove geronimo-commonj -- was trying out the Eclipse
> svn plug-in and the plugin got a bit too ambitious...
> r389653 1 line  Commit initial implementation of Commonj Timer API
> from GERONIMO-1553

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