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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Geronimo - Board Report for August / September
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 14:10:08 GMT
Board Report Notes


Here is the compilation of feedback on the board report.  Ken will  
pick this up and forward it.



This report is for the last two months (let's say August  - September):

- Voted in 1 new committer which brings us to 32 committers
- Voted in 7 new PMC members.  PMC currently at 19 members
- Community voted to return to CTR from RTC starting on September 18th
- Moved Geronimo's Wiki from Moin Moin to Confluence.

Inter-project relationship status:
* Yoko (CORBA orb) integration work in Geronimo under way.
* Future versions of Geronimo (2.x) will use the ActiveMQ and OpenEJB  
projects currently in the incubator instead of the versions of these  
projects from Codehaus.

Geronimo - Version 1.1.1 was approved for release and the jars were  
made available on Monday, September 18th.
Xbean - Version 2.6 was released on Sunday, September 3, 2006.
Devtools - Version 1.1 released first week of August.
DayTrader - Version 1.1.1 is ready to start the release process.  It  
includes minor tweaks and a few bug fixes.  Nothing major.
Genesis - Version 1.0 is in the voting process now.

* Dain and Alan were voted in as release managers for 1.2.
* Content being defined by the community.
* Changed Geronimo trunk build to maven 2.

* Bug fixes for 1.1.1.
* Some POCs on new Ajax interfaces

* Increase in dev list traffic for users of DevTools and Geronimo seen
* Examining changes to Geronimo runtime to improve tooling experience  
and performance.

Matt Hogstrom

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