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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject specs & jdk 1.5
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:15:41 GMT
As soon as svn comes back (eris is down at the moment), I am going to  
commit a change to the specs tree that will only enable the jdk 1.5  
specific modules when the jvm is jdk 1.5 compatible.

Since G does not yet depend on those added jdk 1.5 modules, this  
means that bootstrap (asis) should function again w/o needing to  
dance between 2 different JDK versions.

I also noticed on the wiki page, in the "Advanced Users" section,  
that it recommends commenting out:


Why does JTA 1.1 need to be commented out.  Its pom config does not  
show it needs JDK 1.5.

I still don't like the "Advanced Users" section... not only is it not  
formatted correctly, but it just adds more complexity to an already  
complex build... oh well.


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