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From "Christopher M. Cardona" <>
Subject Re: JMX Viewer
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 21:29:31 GMT

Thanks for spending time on checking out the JMX viewer portlet. Your 
comments are definitely helpful. Please see my comments below...

anita kulshreshtha wrote:
> Chris,
>     Thanks for the great work! I have been comparing jmx viewer with
> the jconsole view. I would like to make some comments. I will start
> with some features that are personal preferences and I do not have
> strong opinion about them. 
> 1. Is it possible to display 'Geronimo MBeans' (console.doc) sorted
> according to the configurations they belong to? I like jconsole's
> presentation (jconsole1.doc) and find it more informative. Here is the
> link for running jconsole

I think this is possible but we need to refactor our current design 
which basically groups MBeans using the j2eeType. JConsole groups MBeans 
using the object name keys following its order which IMO sometimes 
doesn’t result to a very organized grouping. I would say this will be a 
major change if we decide to implement this. One thing we can do is to 
add a list of ServiceModules and clicking each node will list its MBeans 
which is almost close to what you want. I’m open to other suggestions…

> 2. Is it possible to view tomcat MBeans?

Yes. Currently there are two ways to do this the fastest. One option is 
to navigate the tree - Geronimo MBeans > GBean. Another option is to do 
an MBean search using a pattern like: “geronimo:j2eeType=GBean,*”. Both 
will give a list of all the GBeans which include the Tomcat MBeans.

> 3. I like the jconsole's view of the attributes (jconsole2.doc). The
> attributes are color coded. Jconsole even allows modification of these
> attributes. I am not sure if we want to allow that. Please compare this
> with console2.doc

I think this is doable. We can set the Attribute value’s color depending 
on its property (readonly, writable, unavailable). Right now modifying 
the attribute values is supported but with limitation. We can only set 
the values for attributes with primitive data types and some commonly 
used classes that can be constructed with a String class. A button 
should display under the Setter column if an attribute is writable. Not 
sure if we want to allow this but my initial implementation allows it.

>    The following are minor things that should be easy to fix - 
> 1. The deploymentDescriptor attribute of the WebModule (see
> framework.war) is not right.
Can you give more details? What is not right?
> 2. In 'J2EE MBeans' --> attribute display the Getter and Setter columns
> are redundant. And we should color code the value of
> readable/writable/manageable attributes (jconsole2.doc). I do not know
> how easy this will be.
Can you explain more why you think it’s redundant?
> 3. Jconsole does not display GBeanInfo but JMX Viewer does. The JMX
> viewer should display a message 'click here for more info' in the
> geronimo.config -->'GBeanInfo' row, and display full information only
> when the user clicks on it. Jconsole has similar feature for some
> values. The current view (console3.doc) is hard to comprehend.

A couple of things we can do here. One is to totally remove the display 
of GBeanInfo attribute which I think is redundant data or if we decide 
not to remove it then I can just copy what JConsole is doing which is to 
display ‘Unavailable’ for the GBeanInfo value. Your suggestion of 
clicking and displaying full information needs more work because of the 
way Dojo table widget is designed. What do you think?

>      I hope you find these comments constructive.
> thanks
> Anita

This helps a lot. Any feedback I can get is always positive. ;)

Best wishes,


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