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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Another look at the yoko changes.
Date Fri, 22 Sep 2006 15:26:24 GMT
I've just posted patches for the latest version of the geronimo/openejb 
yoko integration changes.  The openejb2 changes can be found here:

The geronimo changes are here:

This version creates 2 new top level modules (contained in that 
are built seperately from openejb2.  The sunorb module contains the Sun 
adapter code.  The yoko module contains the Yoko adapter.  These modules 
are dependent upon the openejb2 module, so openejb2 must be built first, 
then the other two modules in any order.  In theory, openejb2 and yoko 
should be buildable using Java 5, but I have not done that particular 
experiment yet.  I've also fixed up the unit tests that were broken 
because of the ORB dependencies by moving them into the yoko and sunorb 

NOTE:  to help save my sanity, these changes are using a temporary 
version number of 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT.  This is done to keep these changes 
from interfering with the normal trunk builds.

The Geronimo changes are all just pom and plan changes.  This the normal 
*-corba plans are configured to use the yoko ORB by default.  There's a 
second set of *-corba-sun plans that provide equivalent function using 
the Sun ORB.  Using either the jetty or tomcat j2ee assemblies, either 
configuration can be started without needing to change the assembly.  I 
have successfully started both modules simultaneously without error, but 
I suspect this is not really a reliable configuration.

NOTE 1:  The openejb dependency version on this is the 2.2.1-SNAPSHOT 
mentioned above.
NOTE 2:  I plan on looking into renaming the *-corba configs to 
*-corba-yoko and using David Jencks new module aliasing to select which 
one gets started.
NOTE 3:  Currently, the *-corba and *-corba-sun configs are using 
different port numbers for the ORBs that are getting launched.  This is 
just temporary to allow both to be started without conflict.  These will 
be mapped back to the same port numbers.


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