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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Adding plugin utilities to Geronimo
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:30:03 GMT
Thanks Aaron,

Is the ability to copy files to specific locations a function of the 
plugin deployer or are you just saying that the plugin could include 
capability to (a gbean) to copy embedded files to specific locations? 
Is there some description or example of this?

Same questions for updating config.xml.

Here's what I'm trying to do:

I've created a framework assembly without the tomcat/tomcatDeploy or 
jetty/jettyDeployer configurations included.  When I attempt to deploy 
these configurations I need to do the following:
-  Include the necessary schemas for jetty (geronimo-jetty and 
geronimo-jetty-config) or tomcat (geronimo-tomcat and 
geronimo-tomcat-config) in the schema directory.
-  Update the defaultNamespace attribute for the WebBuilder gbean in 
config.xml.   For now I still have this configuration included in the 
framework so I need to update the attribute appropriately.  It may be 
that I need to remove this configuration as well but in either case I 
will need to update the attribute with the appropriate default namespace 
when the servlet container configuration is deployed.


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> A plugin can include files to copy to specific locations in Geronimo
> and also settings to write into config.xml.  If there's more you're
> looking for, can you provide a more specific list?  For example,
> people have asked in the past for more explicit support for database
> pools (like dependencies saying is must be version 9.x of product
> Oracle, not just there must be a pool named MyAppPool).
> Thanks,
>      Aaron
> On 9/20/06, Joe Bohn <> wrote:
>> I think this would be really helpful and we should check it in.
>> I may have some more features that we will need to add to influence the
>> geronimo configuration when a plugin is installed.  For example, we may
>> need to install some additional jars in specific locations (such as
>> schemas) or alter some configuration settings based upon a plugin that
>> is being deployed.  Should we maybe consider integrating these types of
>> functions into the plugin deployement functionality and extending the
>> geronimoplugin schema to control when/how they are driven?
>> Joe
>> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>> > All,
>> >
>> > I've got a couple plugin utility classes that include things like
>> > adding a screen to a console when a plugin is first run, resolving
>> > references to DB pools or GBeans from a plugin, and mangling a J2EE
>> > module as its deployed to incorporate plugin features (e.g. so you can
>> > include scheduled jobs in a WAR using the Quartz plugin).
>> >
>> > Is there interest in adding this stuff to the Geronimo project?  It
>> > seems like it would be best packaged as a JAR that other plugins can
>> > depend upon.
>> >
>> > I don't think it needs to be distributed with Geronimo, as it can be
>> > installed with the first plugin that depends on it.  So I'd be
>> > inclined to create a dir like geronimo/plugins/trunk/common to hold
>> > this (or perhaps geronimo/plugins/common/trunk -- I don't remember if
>> > we want all the plugin content in the same trunk or separate trunks).
>> > Anyway, I'd put in a compatible-with-1.1 release right away, and spin
>> > off a compatible-with-1.2 release as soon as the naming builder
>> > improvements are fully incorporated (I'm not sure if that's happened
>> > yet or not).
>> >
>> > Thanks,
>> >    Aaron
>> >
>> >

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