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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: wadi integration for Jetty seems to have broken session management for jetty
Date Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:13:52 GMT

Hi Gianny,

Thanks for the response.  The problem I'm seeing is pretty obvious and 
doesn't require any setup.  Does this match the problem that David J 
reported?  For me it happens almost every time, although there are cases 
where things seems to magically work (but they are more rare). I believe 
that Paul has also encountered this problem.  It seems like the session 
id that is received at the browser isn't recognized when returned to the 
server and so a new session is returned.  I haven't had a chance to dig 
in further yet.


Gianny Damour wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> David J. raised a problem with the integration code and I am simply  not 
> able to reproduce it. I am running the console with the Jetty  
> integration code since now many weeks (I tested all the Javascript  plus 
> JMX Portlet with the integration code) and I have not observed  this 
> problem. I will review the integration code tonight. Are there  things 
> that I need to do to reproduce?
> Sorry for this problem,
> Gianny
> On 21/09/2006, at 2:49 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>> The session management for Jetty in trunk is screwed up and I  suspect 
>> that the wadi integration may have been the cause.
>> To see the symptom bring up the web console under jetty.  It will  
>> take several attempts to get past the login prompt (2-3).   Once  you 
>> do get past the login prompt the next click (sometimes it take  two) 
>> will send you back to the login prompt again.  And so it  continues 
>> .... constantly being tossed back to the login prompt  because I 
>> suspect the session is being lost. No message are sent to  the console 
>> or the logs.
>> I have noticed that if I launch another browser (and so create a  
>> second session) I can usually get one of the sessions to stick  around 
>> long enough to do some real activities (usually the one  associated 
>> with the first browser session).
>> This is only a problem on Jetty and not Tomcat.
>> I'll keep poking around but I was wondering if somebody (Gianny?)  
>> knew some potential areas that may have been the culprit.
>> Thanks,
>> Joe

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