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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject wadi integration for Jetty seems to have broken session management for jetty
Date Wed, 20 Sep 2006 16:49:59 GMT

The session management for Jetty in trunk is screwed up and I suspect 
that the wadi integration may have been the cause.

To see the symptom bring up the web console under jetty.  It will take 
several attempts to get past the login prompt (2-3).   Once you do get 
past the login prompt the next click (sometimes it take two) will send 
you back to the login prompt again.  And so it continues .... constantly 
being tossed back to the login prompt because I suspect the session is 
being lost. No message are sent to the console or the logs.

I have noticed that if I launch another browser (and so create a second 
session) I can usually get one of the sessions to stick around long 
enough to do some real activities (usually the one associated with the 
first browser session).

This is only a problem on Jetty and not Tomcat.

I'll keep poking around but I was wondering if somebody (Gianny?) knew 
some potential areas that may have been the culprit.


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