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From Cameron Braid <>
Subject Re: Dojo Toolkit inclusion to Geronimo
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 01:00:58 GMT
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I use dojo on a day to day basis to develop a e-commerce webapp.  One
feature that I make heavy usage of is the builder which packages up a
lot of separate js file dependencies, widget templates and widget css
files into a single obfuscated, compressed js file.

For my webapp, this process drastically reduces the time to load the
page since only one http request is required, instead of one per each
file dependency.

An alternative approach could be to create a maven plugin to assist in
the development of individual webapps.  However, this is probably
outside the scope of the geronimo project.

These two approaches can certainly work side by side, with a dojo webapp
module to provide a common base for simpler apps, with more complex apps
building their own dojo package.

Some food for though :)



Christopher M. Cardona wrote:
> Gianny,
> Thanks again for finding time to look at the patch. Sorry to hear that
> it didn’t worked out smoothly in Safari. I agree with you that we should
> find a better way to include/checkin Dojo in G. I decided to include the
> Dojo source in the patch to make it easier for people like you who want
> to look at it without doing additional work like downloading some
> distribution. Your suggestion of expanding the Dojo files upon build is
> fine but I think checking in Dojo as a separate module (webapp) as
> suggested by Paul has an advantage of being reused by other webapps
> deployed in G simply by making the webapp’s parent the Dojo module.
> Furthermore, I was able to verify that this works. I’m still open for
> other suggestions but if we are left with these 2 options I’ll give +1
> to checking in Dojo as a separate module. Any thoughts?
> Best wishes,
> chris
> Gianny Damour wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> The JMX Viewer portlet is finally working for me. Actually, it seems
>> that due to a Dojo known issue, this portlet does not work with Safari
>> :(; having said that, it works really nicely, and I really mean really
>> nicely, with IE.
>> Regarding your patch, I believe that this is a large piece of work;
>> unfortunately, I cannot appreciate it as this is the first time that I
>> am seeing dojo in action. Also, I think that instead of checking in
>> the dojo files directly at the right location, we should check in a
>> tar.ball of these files and expand it upon build of the module. I
>> think that this is better because this way we do know which files are
>> dojo specifics (this is a minor detail). What do you think?
>> It would be cool if other people could have a look to this patch; for
>> sure, it really deserves it!
>> Thanks,
>> Gianny

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