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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: We might need "aliased" modules/configurations/artifactIds
Date Thu, 14 Sep 2006 20:18:26 GMT
We definitely need some form of type/function/interface/whatever based 

I'm working on a new core framework assembly (little-G without the 
containers ... micro-G? ) that we could use as a base for user created 
assemblies via plugins.  This is really the same item that I think could 
solve the assembly proliferation issue (per the recent jetty 5 vs. jetty 
6 discussion).

One of the things that would be helpful for this "micro-G" is type based 
dependencies as mentioned here.  We could then create plugins that had a 
requirement on a servlet container without the need to create two or 
more plugins for the various container we support).  We could also 
define plugins that had cardinality rules associated with them (only 
install if no other plugin of similar type is installed) so that we 
won't end up with 2 web container vying for the same ports, etc...

How we go about doing this is something that I haven't dug into yet but 
I think it would require some fundamental changes to the gBean 

Sorry to get so long winded.  I hope this is still relevant to the 
thread you intended to start David. :-)


Aaron Mulder wrote:
> I sure wouldn't mind if a module could say "I provide"
> and a separate module could say "I require a parent that provides
>"...  As in, interface dependencies instead of name-based
> dependencies.
> Thanks,
>     Aaron
> On 9/14/06, David Jencks <> wrote:
>> I started working on a version of geronimo that uses the jta11
>> transaction manager in the sandbox.  So, I wrote a new transaction
>> configuration using the new gbean and started trying to assemble a
>> server.  My new config has gbeans with exactly the same names (except
>> for artifactId) as the old jta 1.0.1B configuration (present in
>> GERONIMO-2398, please vote).  Now it turns out that in order to swap
>> these configs I am going to need to change almost all the other
>> configs so they depend on my new one instead of the old one.
>> This highlights a need for more functional-based dependencies.
>> Conceptually we kind of want to say, "this module depends on a module
>> supplying services A, B, C"
>> One idea I had that might be pretty easy to implement would be to
>> expand the explicit-versions resolving code a bit so that you can
>> supply a properties file that says "replace requests for artifactId X
>> with artifactId Y"  and plug it in the the artifact resolver,
>> configuration, and kernel so that when you ask for a gbean with
>> artifactId X you get one with the same name map and interfaces but
>> with artifactId Y.  I think of this as aliasing X as Y (or maybe its
>> vice-versa).
>> I'm starting to try to implement this since I'm kind of blocked
>> without something like this... but this might not be the best
>> possible solution or even the easiest.  Anyone want to comment or
>> suggest better ideas?
>> thanks
>> david jencks

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