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From "Christopher M. Cardona" <>
Subject Dojo Toolkit inclusion to Geronimo
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 01:50:24 GMT
I’m sending this email to officially ask the PMC what they think about 
including Dojo Toolkit in Geronimo. Last month Paul already started a 
thread on the devlist 
( that 
discussed this idea. A couple of people replied to this thread 
supporting the idea but no official decision was made or the PMC wasn’t 
officially asked. In addition, I submitted 2 patches that utilized some 
Dojo widgets:

1. Add Embedded LDAP Server Viewer Portlet -
2. Add JMX Portlet -

FYI, here’s a summary of some basic info about Dojo:

Web site:
Description: Dojo is the Open Source Javascript toolkit that makes 
professional web development better, easier, and faster.
Latest Release: 0.3.1 
License: AFL and BSD
Supported Browsers:
- Latest Safari (2.0.x today).
- Latest Opera (8.5 today, 9.0 soon)
- IE 5.5+
- Firefox 1.0+
- Latest Konqueror (3.5 today)

Comments, concerns, and suggestions are welcome.

Best wishes,

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