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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Release Early, Release Often
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 14:22:20 GMT
I think Dain said he was scouring the primordial soup of trunk to determine which level of
life form 
would emerge.  At this point if its a single cell organism then a .2 release might seem 
inappropriate.  If its an intergalactic space traveler that can cure cancer, solve world peace
make a good pina colada then perhaps we should go to 3.0 :)

Dain, how are we doing with the data mining?  Seem like the natives are getting restless :-0

Dave Colasurdo wrote:
> Here is the wikipedia definition for Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, etc..
> The definitions pretty much agree with my preconception of what an Alpha 
>  would contain.
> IMHO, trunk is not currently in an Alpha state and doesn't accurately 
> reflect the "majority of the software requirements" that will be 
> addressed in G1.2.
> It seems that trunk is currently in a pre-alpha state and I believe 
> making an occasional unstable/nightly build available would allow 
> users/developers to get familiar with the latest and greatest functions 
> in trunk without giving the false impression that G1.2 is currently in 
> Alpha state.
> Just my .02
> -Dave-
> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> I am thinking about an 1.2-alpha release, which does not need to pass 
>> any tck, but can still be downloaded by folks that want to test their 
>> apps on the bleeding edge (with out having to build).  While there is 
>> nothing major from a J2EE perspective in the alpha, a lot has changed, 
>> or will change very shortly.  Here is a list with comments of new and 
>> upcoming stuff:
>> ActiveMQ 4.1, is about to get committed.
>> Derby is about to get upgraded.
>> Log4j is about to get upgraded.
>> Use of concurrent util is about to get changed to 
>> backport-concurrent-util.
>> Lets not forget that we changed the build system, which mostly impacts 
>> development, but also has an impact on the configuration files, and 
>> plugins... new CAR m2 plugin.  I think it would be really good to get 
>> an alpha out so that people can easily test and provide feedback.
>> New m2 plugin to start/stop Geronimo, soon to have new deploy goals.
>> A bunch of bug fixes.
>>  * * *
>> I think that by releasing a 1.2-alpha, that we also start down the 
>> path of changing the perception of how quickly we release.  The alpha 
>> can also serve to help us get some experience using the m2 release 
>> plugin so that when it comes time for a non-alpha/beta release that we 
>> have confidence in the procedure... and this will give us time to make 
>> sure that we have the right configurations and setup to make a release 
>> with relative ease.
>> Also, more of a side effect, by making a new release, it helps control 
>> the JIRA roadmap, right now 1.2 is filled with a bunch of build system 
>> related fluff and other bits...
>> I think that we have enough changes (or soon to change in the next 
>> days or so) to warrant an alpha.  I don't see any reason why not to... 
>> we don't need to spend days/weeks to ensure the TCK passes, because we 
>> don't need to run it.  It should be sufficient to vote on an alpha and 
>> then cut the release, which should be easy with the maven release 
>> plugin, and even easier with my gpg-sign'ing mojo to sign and upload 
>> all artifacts.
>> I believe that having this alpha out will benefit our community, 
>> showing that we are going to start releasing more often, give people a 
>> chance to provide feedback more often an earlier.
>> I certainly do not expect any production customers to use this, but I 
>> do expect that app developers will, so they can ready their apps for 
>> deployment on the platform.  We will clearly label this as an alpha 
>> release, and clear state that it has not been TCK certified.
>> I don't see any downside to cutting a release off of trunk soonish, in 
>> the next week or so.
>> --jason
>> On Sep 6, 2006, at 9:13 AM, Kevan Miller wrote:
>>> On Sep 5, 2006, at 4:40 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:
>>>> According to our STATUS file, our last feature release (1.1) was on 
>>>> 2006-06-26 which is about 2.5 months ago.  I'm not sure exactly what 
>>>> we have in trunk right now, but I'd guess we most likely have enough 
>>>> to do a release right now.   I'm going to spend a few hours today 
>>>> browsing the JIRAs and SVN logs and compile a list of the features 
>>>> we have in trunk right now. Anyways, I'll let you know what I find 
>>>> and we can figure out what we want to do.
>>> I'd be interested to hear more concretely what's in Geronimo trunk, 
>>> OpenEJB 2.2, etc that's not in 1.1.1...
>>> --kevan

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