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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Modified RTC
Date Wed, 06 Sep 2006 05:50:46 GMT
Before getting to the proposal I'd like to acknowledge the efforts of the community to adjust
RTC.  Blevins and Dillon helped to streamline the system with some changes to JIRA (I think
Alan had 
a hand in that as well) that improved the process and I think most of the folks in the community

reviewed patches and made a valiant attempt to work with the changes to the process.  I think

overall we did improve communication but we also experienced some slowing (heck, a lot of
in innovation.  As with all things there was some good and some things to learn from.  Based
on that 
here is a proposal for a modified RTC that I think will help to address a number of issues
capture the good.

*** Begin Proposal ***

Geronimo Development Process

Geronimo follows a model similar to Review Then Commit (RTC).  Patches for new function are
by developers for review and comment by their peers.  Feedback is conducted through JIRA comments.

The goal of this interaction is to solicit suggestions from the community and incorporate
feedback as appropriate.  In order for a patch to be accepted it requires the following:

* Needs to be reviewed by committers on the project.  Others may comment but their comments
are not 
binding.  The review may, but does not have to, include application and testing.  The goal
of the 
review is to understand the technical attributes of the change as well as the assess other
to the project as a whole.

* 3 +1 votes from committers on the project (1 of these committers needs to be a member of
the PMC) 
with no outstanding -1 votes.

* Any -1 votes need to be accompanied by a reason and a mutually agreed upon solution to the

* If the issues can't be resolved then the PMC can be called upon to settle the dispute and
make a 

* Issues are generally of a technical nature.  However, issues may include other items like

usability, project cohesiveness or other issues that impact the project as a whole.

The goal of these guidelines is to facilitate timely communication as well as the fostering
of ideas 
and collaboration as well as innovation.

*** End Proposal ***

It is not my intention to make a list of "rules" to follow but rather to capture the best
of RTC in 
terms of communication as well as provide binding influence over the technical direction of
project for both committers as well as PMC members and not create a hierarchical system. 
In the 
case of dispute or problem resolution the responsibility falls to the PMC for resolution.

Please provide your input for this proposal.  I'd like to bring this to the community for
a vote 
this week.

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