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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Where to develop plugins (was: Re: JPA Plugin patch)
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 15:46:10 GMT

Aaron Mulder wrote:
> There are several issues here:
> 1) Do I think we were wrong to develop the JPA plugin outside
> Geronimo?  No.  We can argue about this as long as you like.  Do Maven
> committers work on Mojo plugins?  I'd be surprised if none of them
> did.  Are you saying that nothing but server/* is RTC?  ("I'd merely
> point out that any activity done outside the trunk or bug fixes don't
> have to be RTCed.")  That wasn't my understanding -- doesn't RTC cover
> devtools and xbean?  Still, it's irrelevant, because Cliff and Roberto
> are not committers and could not have worked easily in the sandbox
> either.  Cheer up -- Chariot could have tried to make this
> proprietary.

No problems here except...again...the method in which it was done.  If
you stepped up with an open invite to all to come over and help out,
that would be different.  I was a bit surprised when the sourceforge
project just showed up. Is it your prerogative? yep.  Is it your right?
yep.  Did it create warm and huggy feeling over here?  No.  Had you
stated what you were doing and invited your brethren to help become a
part and manage it, I truly believe it would have been taken much different.

Brett or Jason (VZ) can feel free to correct me, but looking at the
initial Mojo team, it did appear to be a cross pollination of Maven
folks.  It seems most of the Maven "heavy hitters" also play at Mojo today.

I guess I am saying, a different approach could have completely changed
people's feelings on this.

> 3) You must not understand the plugin system very well to make
> statements like "It's also disruptive to the community as they need to
> look it up in their notes where the plugin comes from rather than
> download it from a Geronimo space.".  

Same comment as I answered above.  The disruption was not allowing the
opportunity for people over here help build the community.

> Certainly I would like to see more plugins developed, and I really
> don't feel any particular urge for that to be done within the Geronimo
> project.  I think we should let go and encourage all plugin
> development no matter who or where.  But as I said, if the community
> wants to take over the development of certain plugins, that's OK too
> -- I just don't think it's necessary.  And I certainly object to being
> told that I have a responsibility to do plugin development *only*
> within the Geronimo project, because I don't think that's what the
> project is about.

Part of having more plugins developed and getting support is probably
making your Apache friends feel good about wanting to do that.  This
would probably involve building a sense of community around the plugins,
which would probably require you to step up and make people feel welcome
in doing so.

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