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From "Heinz Drews" <>
Subject Re: Swing console?
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2006 06:30:12 GMT

I agree that with Ajax sufficient functionality can be provided in a webapp.
My primary argument for a rich client would be as I have said before
that a webapp requires a running server.  And what should be done if
there are problems in the configuration which prevents that the server

The console webapp should at least run in a seperate server with
minimalistic configuration.
Something which I would prefer anyhow instead of the current situation in G.


On 9/19/06, Christopher M. Cardona <> wrote:
> I think this idea can be explored but we should give the current
> initiative to include Ajax functionality to the console a shot first.
> There's no doubt that rich clients have their advantages over web apps
> (performance and sophisticated widgets to name a few) but I think we
> have a potential in Ajax to close this gap. It would be nice to get more
> comments on this. What do others think?
> Jason Dillon wrote:
> > Anyone have any thoughts on using Swing for the console... instead of
> > a webapp (which are kinda evil IMO)... and then using webstart to
> > serve it? Maybe using Netbeans (or that license not ASL friendly)?
> > I've done some work with NB before at it would be very easy to create
> > a rich user experience... and its easy to drop in new modules to
> > support different aspects of administration and monitoring.
> >
> > I dunno.. just a thought...
> >
> > --jason
> >

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