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From "Brian Martinez" <>
Subject Geronimo & Hibernate
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:51:23 GMT
I hope you folks don't mind me asking a question regarding an old, old post
made to geronimo-dev back in 2004.

See, I've recently been tasked with installing a number of Java/Java-related
components as I am the (relatively new) Systems Administrator for our
department.  I simply cannot wrap my head around how complex some of this
stuff seems.

Anyway, long(er) story short I've been asked to "add Hibernate to
Geronimo."  I have a Geronimo installation up and running, and our
developers have added a couple of *.war files to the deploy directory, so
things are working good.  I just have no idea how to add Hibernate to
Geronimo!  Hibernate's documentation is not very clear.  Google searches of
various sorts (integrating Hibernate with Geronimo, Installing Hibernate and
Geronimo, Hibernate AND Geronimo, etc.) have been less than fruitful for
me.  That is until I came across this post:

A germinate.jar file is mentioned.  Can I make use of this to "add Hibernate
to Geronimo?"  I tried looking at the base webpage that is linked the jar
file to, but it was Forbidden to view.  I also tried looking at the site, but that didn't help me much either.  Can you help
point me in the right direction?  Am I even making sense?

I appreciate your time and any response.  Thanks!

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