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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Release Early, Release Often
Date Thu, 07 Sep 2006 21:25:07 GMT
I spent a long time looking through JIRA and the svn log comments and  
there are a lot of changes in trunk already.  Just to start with we  
have 290 JIRAs closed against 1.2 and there are a few big changes  
that don't have JIRAs (these were mostly my fault :).  I whipped  
together a preliminary roadmap report using swizzle, but as you will  
see many of the issues are classified incorrectly.

Anyway, here is a list of the items we have completed in trunk  
already.  Did I miss any completed work?  How do you want to proceed?


New Features (7):

   * [NOJIRA] Upgrade ActiveMQ from 3.2 to 4.1 (see http:// for features)
   * [NOJIRA] Add Maven 2 deployment tools
   * [GERONIMO-1133] UUID primary key generator
   * [GERONIMO-1192] Installer should create a config.xml for the  
target install
   * [GERONIMO-1259] reduce the size of the combined deployment plan:  
package deployment plans in a jar and pass this jar to the deployer
   * [GERONIMO-1573] Spring integration -- wrap our components in  
spring interfaces
   * [GERONIMO-1593] Add SMTP Authentication and STARTTLS support.
   * [GERONIMO-2071] Move Geronimo build to M2 (new 1.2 trunk)
   * [GERONIMO-2132] Move activemq gbean integration modules from  
ActiveMQ to Geronimo

Major Improvements (21):

   *[ NOJIRA] Simplify EJB container configuration
   * [GERONIMO-790] JettyModuleBuilder should use references to  
templates, not their names
   * [GERONIMO-1163] improve jmx debug console
   * [GERONIMO-1194] Installer should only install packs(features)  
selected at install time
   * [GERONIMO-1278] Upgrade to XML Beans 2.1.0 from 2.0.0
   * [GERONIMO-1335] Create issues for making the plugins run in more  
   * [GERONIMO-1401] Updates to BUILDING.txt about the last changes  
to the build process
   * [GERONIMO-1434] Allow GBeans to be bound into a component's  
java:comp/env namespace
   * [GERONIMO-1527] InternetAddress does not properly implement  
address parsing.
   * [GERONIMO-1554] Installer - Move advanced features to non- 
default installer path (simplify default installation)
   * [GERONIMO-1563] [RTC] Make the JACC implementation pluggable
   * [GERONIMO-1613] Eliminate unncessary dependencies to reduce  
assemnbly footprint size
   * [GERONIMO-1647] Enabling access to session id on Tomcat
   * [GERONIMO-1651] Complete implementation of javamail MimeMessage  
and MimeUtil classes.
   * [GERONIMO-1772] Application class loader should not see server  
   * [GERONIMO-1960] Reject invalid GBean references at deployment time
   * [GERONIMO-2092] Modules migration to M2
   * [GERONIMO-2152] Update for new OpenEJB 2.2
   * [GERONIMO-2224] Add a geronimo specific system property for  
controlling dom, sax, and transformer creation
   * [GERONIMO-2277] Remove TransactionContextManager
   * [GERONIMO-2300] Use jar or assembly plugin to generate classpath/ 
manifest bits for stuff in bin/*
   * [GERONIMO-2374] use junit decorators with selenium

Critical Bug Fixes (16):

   * [GERONIMO-1176] Bad "resource" reference is not caught at  
deployment time
   * [GERONIMO-1196] Keystore portlet: Viewing trusted certificate  
results in an error
   * [GERONIMO-1307] JMX connector doesn't shut down cleanly
   * [GERONIMO-1433] Security vulnerability of WEB-INF contents on  
windows platforms
   * [GERONIMO-1455] Start of CAR does not load and start its GBeans
   * [GERONIMO-1480] Cross context include does not set jacc  
contextID for 2nd web app. (Tomcat only)
   * [GERONIMO-1596] Repeated interface in JMS connection factory  
plan causes deployment failure
   * [GERONIMO-1599] HOWLLog throws NPE because XidFactory is missing
   * [GERONIMO-1649] Invalid deployment descriptor error when  
deploying an EJB 2.0 MDB
   * [GERONIMO-2058] Invalid gbean names in config.xml do not prevent  
server starting or module starting
   * [GERONIMO-2100] Subject can remain attached to thread on return  
from web app request, causing problems later on subsequent use of  
that thread
   * [GERONIMO-2222] Application errors in static initialization  
blocks during serialization of configuration during deployment  due  
to incorrect TCCL
   * [GERONIMO-2234] User can lock the default keystore without  
warning, making jetty server unusable
   * [GERONIMO-2237] Filtering of in  
TomcatDeployer plan creates CNF Exceptions in Ears
   * [GERONIMO-2270] Redeploy broken in 1.1.1
   * [GERONIMO-2305]  
geronimo.kernel.classloader.JarFileUrlStreamHandler fails with Trinidad

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