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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re:
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 20:08:03 GMT
On 9/15/06, Jacek Laskowski <> wrote:
> > -- this is is a plugin user community site
> > inspired by that was announced to the dev
> > list a few weeks ago.  Where the thread left off was that there were
> > suggestions to host the site at
> > instead of a private domain.  I proposed a plan of action to make that
> > happen in the thread "plugin community site" and am ready for
> > feedback, assuming that +1's would equal support.
> Do we need a full-blown web site (with Joomla behind)? Wouldn't a
> maven-like structure be enough? Just to see how it goes and bring the
> jpa plugin here (where its home is ;-))

I think we are still misaligned here on the distinction between a
plugin repository and a plugin user community site.  If we are talking
about a repository then you are correct that a full blown web site is
not required.  A repository can be created by making the plugin files
available for download from a maven-like structure. No UI is even
necessary since the admin console already provides the necessary
screens to browse and install a repository's plugins.  But if we are
talking about a user community site which provides news, reviews and
discussion forums then a content management system like Joomla is
needed.  Unlike a repository, a user community site does not
(necessarily) host any plugin files nor interact with the admin

If you already got this and I'm beating a dead horse then I apologize.
 Also, if I should take your line of thought as a nudge towards
aligning our efforts to create another "official" plugin repository
then I can go along with that too.  But after studying how the Eclipse
plugin ecosystem has taken shape I believe that a user community site
will be needed sooner or later since it provides a human interface on
top of what may eventually become a loosely federated collection of
plugin repositories, each with their own unique licensing issues,
download processes, business models, etc.

> > geronimo plugins subproject -- IIUC this proposed subproject is for
> > plugin developers and would be similar to the Geronimo plugins project
> > at sourceforge but hosted at ASF and governed by Geronimo (like
> > devtools).  Several folks have volunteered to help and I would also
> > like to take this opportunity to volunteer to help.  There's a thread
> > "maven repository hosting geronimo plugins" that proposes using the
> > maven repository for hosting the plugins generated by ASF instead of
> > creating a new infrastructure for hosting plugins. No feedback on that
> > idea yet.
> That's why I asked about it again. Everybody's busy so only the
> hottest features are able to survive, and the others need to be pushed
> a little ;-)

I agree and thanks for caring enough to push the issue.  If we can
publish the ASF plugins to the maven repo and add the repository index
file then I am hopeful that would provide what's needed for an ASF
plugin repository.  This seems pretty straight forward to me but I
haven't even read Maven for Dummies yet.

Best wishes,

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