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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject maven repository hosting geronimo plugins? (was Re: No need for m2 central mirror)
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:50:18 GMT
Looking at the maven and plugin repository layouts side by side they
appear identical. Plugin repositories even use maven-metadata.xml
files in the same manner that maven does.

Thinking back a few days ago when we were discussing a Geronimo
sponsored plugins project :
one of the big issues in my mind was whether or not this would require
setting up a repository infrastructure for hosting plugins.  A plugin
repository consists of a top level index file that describes its
contents and then the collection of plugin files arranged in a maven
layout.  You can also create an HTML interface on top of this like provides but that is not required.  Creating a
repository is not technically difficult, it's just that you need a
network addressable place to put the files and a policy/process for
how files get published to it.  Aaron or someone please jump in if I'm

So now, if there's general agreement that plugins could be published
directly to central like the other build artifacts then we may already
have the majority of what's needed in hand for providing a plugin
repository that hosts the apache generated plugins as discussed by
Matt and Aaron here:

As a matter of fact, since the car files created by geronimo's m2
build process already contain the necessary geronimo-plugin.xml file,
why not just publish them along with the top level pluign repository
index file to the maven repo?  Then we would be close to having what's
needed to include that location as an additional repository in the
admin console's plugin portlet (there may be some versioning issues
that should be worked through first).

I think the Geronimo build would also need to be updated so that the
geronimo-plugin.xml files it generates include the new repo in
addition to its current list:

Experience tells me that I'm probably getting ahead of myself here so
I'll pause for a breath.  Someone please either rein me in or throw a
scooby snack if this is making some sense.


On 9/12/06, Jason Dillon <> wrote:
> I'm not up to speed on how the plugin repositories are setup... if it
> follows the same layout as m2, then we could publish artifacts
> directly to central, but if not, then we'd need a separate space to
> publish to.
> --jason

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