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From Geronimo Weekly Status <>
Subject [STATUS] (geronimo) Fri Sep 29 07:58:35 2006
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:58:36 GMT
APACHE GERONIMO STATUS:                                         -*-text-*-
Last modified at [$Date: 2006-08-25 16:07:59 -0400 (Fri, 25 Aug 2006) $]

The current version of this file can be found at:


Upcoming Releases:

  Geronimo 1.2 -- geronimo/trunk/
    Release Manager: not yet voted
    Estimated Date: September ??
  Geronimo 1.1.1 -- geronimo/branches/1.1
    Release Manager:  Matt Hogstrom
    Estimated Date: August ??


Currently the 1.1.1 release is addressing security issues that are related to CTS failures
as well
as reworking our build and release process to address potential violations of Sun's License
for the
specification related XSDs.  Our work around includes using XML beans to download and generate
code necessary to manipulate the XSDs without including Sun's content in SVN or our released

Outstanding patches awaiting votes:

On JIRA, the following patches are oustanding:

XBEAN-45 Move classloaders to their own module - Patch Available - Alan Cabrera - Opened 19/Aug/06
  Status: review needed. 1 +1 vote provided...need two more

GERONIMO-2332 RTC Put the generated xmlbeans files for the j2ee 1.4 schemas in svn in a spec
so we don't need the schemas in svn at all - Patch Available - David Jencks - Opened: 18/Aug/06
  Status: in progress

GERONIMO-2248 Applications portlets: List Parent and Child components against each component
Patch Available  Unassigned - Opened: 30/Jul/06
  Status: Needs to complete voting and apply to 1.1.2 and trunk

GERONIMO-2163 WADI Integration for Jetty - Patch Available - Gianny Damour - Opened: 02/Jul/06
  Status: Not actually in a state for voting...this is in a discussion state.

GERONIMO-2015 Let's replace JKS to PKCS12 key store type - Opened
  Status: In discussion...although not totally active

Release history:
  2006-06-26  Geronimo 1.1
  2006-01-05  Geronimo 1.0
  2005-10-04  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 5
  2005-08-10  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 4
  2004-11-11  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 3
  2004-09-09  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 2
  2004-04-29  Geronimo 1.0 milestone 1

If you're a contributor looking for something to do:

  * Review the documentation and suggest improvements
  * Review the bug list and suggest fixes or report reproducibility
  * Report bugs yourself

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