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From anita kulshreshtha <>
Subject JMX Viewer
Date Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:27:46 GMT
    Thanks for the great work! I have been comparing jmx viewer with
the jconsole view. I would like to make some comments. I will start
with some features that are personal preferences and I do not have
strong opinion about them. 
1. Is it possible to display 'Geronimo MBeans' (console.doc) sorted
according to the configurations they belong to? I like jconsole's
presentation (jconsole1.doc) and find it more informative. Here is the
link for running jconsole
2. Is it possible to view tomcat MBeans?
3. I like the jconsole's view of the attributes (jconsole2.doc). The
attributes are color coded. Jconsole even allows modification of these
attributes. I am not sure if we want to allow that. Please compare this
with console2.doc
   The following are minor things that should be easy to fix - 
1. The deploymentDescriptor attribute of the WebModule (see
framework.war) is not right.
2. In 'J2EE MBeans' --> attribute display the Getter and Setter columns
are redundant. And we should color code the value of
readable/writable/manageable attributes (jconsole2.doc). I do not know
how easy this will be.
3. Jconsole does not display GBeanInfo but JMX Viewer does. The JMX
viewer should display a message 'click here for more info' in the
geronimo.config -->'GBeanInfo' row, and display full information only
when the user clicks on it. Jconsole has similar feature for some
values. The current view (console3.doc) is hard to comprehend.
     I hope you find these comments constructive.


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