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From "Jacek Laskowski" <>
Subject Re: Where to develop plugins (was: Re: JPA Plugin patch)
Date Fri, 01 Sep 2006 15:42:15 GMT
On 9/1/06, Guillaume Nodet <> wrote:

> Last, I think it' s unfair to tell that Aaron is not playing by the Geronimo
> rules.
> I am also developing a plugin for ServiceMix, and I don't think it should
> be hosted in Geronimo, should I ?  I think there is big decision to take,
> and we should discuss it in a peaceful manner.  Throwing arguments
> like this one will not help much ;)

Oh, come on. I didn't mean to throw anything at Aaron (unless you
think about throwing as challenging, which is much softer than the
former). Just meant to get the gist of his reasoning as mine turned
out to be less than perfect. I hoped Aaron wouldn't mind to respond
and he did not.

The only statement I made about Aaron doing the JPA plugin development
that could be read as not following the (unwritten) Geronimo rules
(and written ASF rules) was about him being a Geronimo committer and I
thought incorrectly that he must have been doing it here. I was plain
wrong. It was worth to question it, though.


Jacek Laskowski

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