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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [CONF] Apache Geronimo Knowledge Base: Indice (page created)
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 22:53:29 GMT
Shall we time how long the gap is when english docs are updated...  
and when the per-language pages are translated?

I think it is great to have so many cultures interested in G, and  
peeps willing to translate... but I think that it is premature for  
our community at this time... and by trying to make it multilingual  
from the start will only create more confusion, since I am almost  
positive the docs will get out of sync quite quickly.

And IMO... out of sync docs are very, very, very bad.  IMO we risk  
the possibility of making our docs even less useful then they already  
are by this effort.

For stable, unchanging docs... I think its fine... but I just noticed  
that someone added a complete new language for the KB, which I think  
is a bad idea.  The namespace was chopped into to... searches will  
return a bunch of non-relevant pages.

Where else is this kind of language translation being done? Even  
Atlassian does not do this.

I do not want to discourage anyone... but I think that this effort is  
going to end up hurting the movement than anything else.


On Sep 24, 2006, at 2:33 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> I understand your point but if we have people that are willing to  
> put in the time and effort at translation why should we discourage  
> them?  I think its awesome that people think enough about Geronimo  
> to spend their time doing this for the benefit of non-english  
> speakers.
> If it turns out that the content ends up out of sync (which it may  
> very well due to the preponderance of english speakers such as  
> yourself) at that point I think natural selection kicks in.
> On Sep 24, 2006, at 3:11 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>> I think it is a bad idea to have some many languages in the wiki.
>> Wiki is meant to allow one person to go in and add content or  
>> change it... by having these language specific sections of the  
>> wiki it means that one person can not really do that anymore.
>> For example, I have absolutely no plans to update any of the KB  
>> items in any other language other than english... same goes for  
>> build documentation and other docs.
>> If we did want to add multiple languages, then we need a system  
>> that will handle switching the language and content based on the  
>> users browser, which confluence does not.
>> But even then I think that for semi-dynamic content like wiki  
>> pages... that this is a very bad idea and will almost always lead  
>> to the content getting out of sync.
>> I would much, much, much prefer that the english pages get cleaned  
>> up and have more quality content added, then to try and get the  
>> existing pages into more languages.
>> --jason
>> On Sep 23, 2006, at 1:30 PM, wrote:
>>> Page Created : GMOxKB : Indice
>>> Indice has been created by Waldo Ramírez Montaño (Sep 23, 2006).
>>> Content:
>>> Apache Geronimo - Base de Conocimientos
>>> Powered by Atlassian Confluence (Version: 2.1.5a Build:#411 Mar  
>>> 16, 2006) - Bug/feature request
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> Matt Hogstrom

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