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> UserTransaction
> ---------------
> TransactionManagerImpl now implements UserTransaction to ease
> integration with third party libraries such as Spring

Why is this a good idea?  This strikes me as a bad idea since a user
can successfully cast UserTransaction to TransactionManager.

This is only true if the exposed UserTransaction *is* the TransactionManager.
It seems there is a simple UserTransaction implementation on top of the
TransactionManagerImpl which can be exposed.

Guillaume Nodet

> Removed OnlineUserTransaction since it was only really used by
> OpenEJB and it has it's own UserTransaction implementation
> Web containers now use GeronimoUserTransaction which is an always
> on wrapper around a transaction manager
> Third party support
> -------------------
> Moved use of ServerInfo from HOWLLog to HOWLLogGBean so it can be
> more easily use by third party libraries
> Moved connector related transaction data to connector module

I guess considering the number of threadlocal accesses and hashmap
lookups in this code possibly adding one more isn't going to cause
problems.  How do you associate the data with the transaction?

> Replace use of Geronimo's thread pool with a concurrent executor

Is this java 5 only?  If so how is our retrotranslator testing
going?  Having just read the "concurrency in practice" book I'm eager
to move to java 5 now :-)

david jencks

> -dain