I agree, I think its easier to just cd into it.

On Aug 1, 2006, at 8:47 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:

Maybe... but only at the top-level, and not too many different types of groupings.

Lemme think about it more.

I personally prefer to `cd <module> && mvn`.

Also keep in mind that we will be reorganizing (eventually) and at that point the large groups of modules and configs will go away... and we will not be adding more profiles to enable that... the overhead of maintence is too high.


On 7/31/06, Prasad Kashyap <goyathlay.geronimo@gmail.com> wrote:
The m2 build in trunk had profiles with which we could build any one
single child project or a set of  projects.

For eg:
mvn -Dmodule=j2ee-system would build just module/j2ee-system
mvn -Dall=configs would build all configs.

Having used this more than quite a few times, I have begun to miss
this.  I am sure others might find it useful too if such a feature
were available.

Any reason why we can't reintroduce it ?