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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Tests for Console
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2006 18:14:12 GMT
Does anybody know of any good open source tests for the console ?
There are quite a few of those out there, most of them GPL.  I have
never used any of them. So please share your valuable experiences,
comments and thoughts.

The itests would be a good place to stage and run any such tests.


License: GPL

 jWebUnit provides a high-level API for navigating a web application
combined with a set of assertions to verify the application's
correctness. This includes navigation via links, form entry and
submission, validation of table contents, and other typical business
web application features. This code try to stay independent of the
libraries behind the scenes. The simple navigation methods and
ready-to-use assertions allow for more rapid test creation than using
only JUnit and HtmlUnit. And if you want to switch from HtmlUnit to
the other soon available plugins, no need to rewrite your tests.

jWebUnit also builds with maven 2. So it will be much easier for us to
integrate it into our project.

Enterprise Web Test
License: Common Public License  (can we still use it ?)

Enterprise Web Test allows Java programmers to write re-usable tests
for web applications that, unlike HttpUnit, "drive" the actual web
browser on the actual platform they intend to support. Tests can be
leveraged for functional, stress, reliability.


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