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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject [itests] Modify the geronimo-deployment-plugin ?
Date Fri, 04 Aug 2006 16:00:35 GMT
With the m2migration ready to be merged into trunk, I have resumed
work on the itests for Geronimo again.

Approx 30% of our code is covered by component level tests that are
embedded in each module. These tests are written as junit test cases
and run by Maven surefire plugin.

The itests will cover system level tests by testing the
functionalities that an end-user would use on a fully assembled
Geronimo distribution. Therefore to the extent possible, our itests
and it's testcases should use the very same external APIs and
workflows that a user would use.

We have been using the startRemoteServer and stopRemoteServer goals in
the geronimo-deployment-plugin (g-d-p)  to start and stop a server. We
have always used these "remote" goals and have never used the in-vm
goals startServer and stopServer.

I propose that we convert the in-vm goals startServer and stopServer
to be ant mojos from their existing java mojos. Invoking the ant mojo
goals in our itests will ensure that our tests are using the same APIs
that a end-user uses. Thus we shall no longer use internal hooks in
the code to start and stop the server.

Thoughts ? Comments ? Advice ?


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