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Subject Re: GERONIMO-2324
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 14:00:31 GMT
Hi Sachin,

I apologize in advance if I say anything exceedingly ignorant and/or

Given that this functionality is meant for a relatively specific use case
(utilizing Geronimo as a developer's test environment), and that having
this functionality in a production environment is generally considered
undesirable, would it be possible to implement this functionality within an
external plugin which wouldn't normally be present in a Production or QA
environment, but which could be installed in a development environment?


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So does anyone have any ideas on an agreeable solution to this JIRA? I
don't think David's comments in the JIRA as an alternate solution don't
fully address the problem.

(1) Need to be able to provide external individual jar entries to the
shared library
(2) Need to be able to add additional external classes folder to the shared
(3) Do both without having to modify the server config which requires a
server restart, which needs to be avoided.  At worst case the shared lib
config should need to be recycled.

This again I must stress, is a development time scenario to be able to
treat Geronimo as a "test environment".  I understand the implications of
doing this, and agree that this should not be an in-production feature that
we should be promoting.  But in order to improve our tooling integration
with the runtime, we must start putting in features that may not
necessarily make sense from a pure runtime perspective but certainly does
from a development standpoint.

Input appreciated.


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