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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Geronimo site POC using Confluence & Autoexport
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 22:02:37 GMT

On Aug 24, 2006, at 11:27 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:
> Sounds like Jeff Turner may be willing to help us solve this  
> problem... pending more details.

Thanks Jeff and Jason!  Hey you guys let me know if I can help.  I  
open sources a stream editing library with the intention of  
confluence munging, just Peir beat me to it :)  But doing things like  
"munging" urls is a piece of cake: 

I could crank something out in short order if you give me an idea of  
what things need to be updated.


> --jason
> On Aug 23, 2006, at 10:17 PM, David Blevins wrote:
>> Assuming you did have access to the box, what steps would be  
>> required to get things setup?  I know I'm asking an unnatural  
>> question as I typically start my thinking while staring at the  
>> command prompt and type commands iteratively till things work.   
>> But I'm just thinking if we could maybe figure that out, we could  
>> work with someone who does have access.
>> I'd also like to use this for GBuild and OpenEJB, so I'm keen on  
>> seeing it solved.
>> -David
>> On Aug 23, 2006, at 5:39 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> So, it looks like there is going to need some convincing to get  
>>> access to the exported content, so that we can post process and  
>>> massage these spaces into our main website.
>>> I'm not even sure that it is going to be worth the effort to try  
>>> and convince Apache infra that we need the access.  Seems like  
>>> they are only willing to give accounts on systems to Apache members.
>>> So, I wonder if we could just run our own Confluence instance on  
>>> our zone, only use it to author, then export the content, massage  
>>> and then svn ci.  I guess we could also do the same by moving the  
>>> spaces to too, which will provide us the required  
>>> access to implement the site that we all want to implement.
>>> I'm frustrated... we now have a Confluence instance on ASF, but  
>>> we can't really use it to produce the results we want... unless  
>>> you want to see become a set of http:// 
>>>* URs... which I find very distasteful.
>>> There might be some way to configure httpd to rewrite urls so  
>>> that looks like http:// 
>>> and that looks  
>>> like, etc... but I wonder if that  
>>> is really worth all of the effort.
>>> I guess we could use wget to grab the entire http:// 
>>> and then massage and check in... but  
>>> that is terribly inefficient and add more unwanted time lapse  
>>> between updating content to making the content live.
>>> So, in short... I can't do anything related to making GMOxSITE  
>>> the official website until there is a way to get access to the  
>>> exported content, or get the httpd configuration changed for our  
>>> vhost.
>>> I feel like we have a spiffy new Ferrari that we can only drive  
>>> at 5 mph... and as soon as you hit 6 mph it starts to hit you on  
>>> the head.
>>> :-(
>>> --jason

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