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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject car plugin changes... geronimo-plugin.xml, etc.
Date Sat, 12 Aug 2006 10:36:35 GMT
I've just finished committing changes that should (I hope) bring back  
the functionality needed to include geronimo-plugin.xml... someone  
please validate that it works as desired.

Maven is now responsible for making the car archives now... the car  
plugin will always spit out into a local repo and then the  
PackageMojo will create an archive out of it using the m2 archiver  
bits, which allows flexible manifest entries... blah blah.

geronimo-plugin.xml is still being filtered using the resources  
plugin... and really anything you drop into src/main/resources will  
be included into the car, and filtering is controlled by the default  
m2 bits in your pom.

Plan files have been updated to use ${pom.version} instead of $ 
{pom.currentVersion}... ${pom} is actually the project reference,  
which is closer to what it would be if filtered by resources (which  
we will eventually get to, and drop velocity).

Car files now all have LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt included (side- 
effect of using Maven's mech to pick up resources), blah blah

The addition of the startup-jar is no longer hidden... its just  
another resources in src/main/resources.

I also updated the PackageBuilder to take a list of classpath  
elements (that are artifacts, like the dependency plugin) which  
allows for customization of the prefix added to the entry in the  
manifest, which was needed to get lib/endorsed bits (the m2 archiver  
only allows one prefix per set).  Right now the list is non- 
transitive... I could not figure how to get that working... need to  
ping the peeps in #maven for help.  I will be pruning the list of  
properties we have in the root pom to manage versions, which are  
mostly unused now.

There is still some more dependency clean up that needs to be done,  
but the servers are starting fine.

Please take a moment and check for any strangeness and lemme know if  
you find anything.

May still be a bit more work to get the multiple car muck working...  
but until I have something that is actually using the plugin that I  
can peek at I can't really fix it.

I left the Deployer code asis... though my hunch is that some of this  
is not needed (the jar and manifest bits primarily)... and if someone  
knows if we use those bits anywhere else please speak up, else we  
should drop the unused bits.


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