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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: M2 : car-maven-plugin and geronimo-plugin.xml files
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 02:32:07 GMT
Anita, I am aware of this issue.  I have not had time to resolve it  

More comments below...

On Aug 6, 2006, at 9:31 AM, anita kulshreshtha wrote:
> The car-maven-plugin (trunk rev 429115) still does not add the
> geronimo-plugin.xml file to the generated car. I had submitted a
> working patch for the m2migration branch rev 425727 to include
> geronimo-plugin.xml file to the zipped archive car. The patch was not
> used, instead the plugin code was modified to add this
> functionality.

I only added a few changes you had in the original patch since they  
were the only ones that could be added cleanly.  As you mentioned,  
then functionality is still not there, so I really have issues with  
the last sentence above.

> I do believe in experiments when they work.

Which means?

> I will be happy to elaborate on this, if anyone is interested.  Could
> someone else (PMC member or committer) please explain to me why the
> patch can not be used as is.

Do you really want me to critique the original sources?  I certainly  
can do that, but my feeling is that it will only add more fuel to  
this fire and leave both of us even more frustrated.  I have already  
commented on several major issues with the code in previous emails.

> It is a few lines of code that uses
> geronimo code to do its work, hence AFAICT this is not about not
> trusting the code written by a non committer/non IBMer.

Hrm... what?  How does this have anything to do with IBM?

> I am amazed at the amount of effort being spent to rewrite the  
> plugin without giving
> any technical reason as to why it needs to be modified in the first
> place !

I have posted several technical reasons why I did not take your work  
asis in my response to the last inflammatory email you posted on this  
subject.  But, as I mentioned above if you would like a more  
comprehensive critique...

> The original patch that added this functionality was submitted
> on 19th June 06:
> When GERONIMO-2225 was filed, it became clear that there was interest
> in adding this functionality to the plugin. I resubmitted the patch
> for the m2migration branch on 27th July, 06:

Give me a break... I was in the east coast for a week and then was  
camping for this weekend... and when I was working on m2migration I  
had several other issues to resolve on top of the issue which you  
supplied a patch for.

> As expected the patch was not used, and a futile effort to rewrite the
> code was made. I would really appreciate if some other committer/PMC
> member could take a look at this code, and provide some technical
> feedback about its shortcomings.

Yes you did submit a patch on July 27th... thank you.  I fully intend  
to dig into that issue more, I just have not had time to do so yet.   
But I can tell you right now that I will most lilly not take the  
patch asis for the very same reasons why I had changed the plugin  


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