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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject improved tooling/runtime integration
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 17:18:58 GMT
So one of the big things we need to improve is our integration with  
our tooling and the runtime.  If anyone had gotten a chance to read  
the section Geronimo Runtime Requirements in the following cwiki page  
it gives an overview of one of the problems we need to solve. 

I've opened the following JIRAs which incorporate this and we really  
need to get this support in by 1.2.  I think this is a substantial  
change and if anyone has any input on the least descructive way to  
approach this, your input is greatly appreciated. (Allow in-place  
and exploded jar support for sharedlib)

- For this what about having a simple file inside shared lib that has  
entries for external jars/directories? (Allow module  
builders to support building config from non-j2ee structure)

- For this I'm going to go through the earconfig builder and web  
builder since I think these are the big areas of impact and provide  
of list of problem areas that may need to be abstracted out.  From  
there we can discuss if and how the interface should be changed.  The  
other issue is how the implementation used can be controlled by the  
client.  At first I thought we could just provide a new element in  
the g-module plan, but after thinking about it I don't think this is  
a good idea, since it would require a developers plan to be re- 
modified when moving from development to production.   So I think we  
need to be able to set the ear implementation to be used somehow  
outside of the plan. Since JSR88 is being used to deploy with the  
eclipse plugin, I'd prefer to set it via the deployment manager.



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