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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Geronimo site POC using Confluence & Autoexport
Date Sat, 05 Aug 2006 02:19:27 GMT
I wonder if we could go back to running our own Confluence server in  
our zone... but only to serve as the editing platform... so we could  
install the plugins we want and implement the procedure we need to  
sync up to the "real" website.

That... and its a bit safer in that someone won't nuke all of our  
content when then accidentally import a different install (not just a  
space export).

And it would make it easier for use to backup too... since right new  
we are getting timeouts when exporting that Hernan was talking about.


On Aug 4, 2006, at 6:59 PM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> Very nice Dain there anything he can do :)
> Jason Dillon wrote:
>> On Jul 26, 2006, at 8:52 AM, Hernan Cunico wrote:
>>> Confluence uses it's own versioning to manage the history changes  
>>> to "confluence" pages, AFAIK confluence does not support SVN yet.  
>>> For the cwiki we use the "autoexport" plugin to get the  
>>> confluence content automatically exported into HTML format and  
>>> via a template we customize the look & feel of those exported pages.
>> I believe it to be highly unlikely that Confluence will natively  
>> support SVN for versioning... ever.  I did however implement a  
>> prototype of a plugin that would commit changes to wiki pages to  
>> SVN... but never really finished it.
>>> The exported pages are independent from confluence version  
>>> control, if we use a different version control we will not get  
>>> the exported HTML in sync with the actual (and versioned)  
>>> confluence content. Rolling back changes will be a nightmare. We  
>>> need to find out a way to get those two in sync.
>> I believe we can solve this problem easily.  First, when you  
>> rollback a page in Confluence, then AutoExport will rebuild the  
>> static page based on the new version... so they are in sync in  
>> some degree.   For most types of rollbacks the Confluence  
>> mechanism should be used.
>> Probably we want to include some comments in the generated pages  
>> (via the vsl template) to include the path in Confluence, the page  
>> version number and who changed it.  Then, if we did rsync to SVN  
>> to publish then we have the required details to know how to roll  
>> the change back from Confluence.  This should be trivial.
>> We could also implement a SVN tag for each push, which would make  
>> it easier to quickly rollback the site if something major  
>> happened... granted it would be a bit of work to get Confluence  
>> back in sync.  But, with the above comments, and the tag, we could  
>> easily disable the automatic sync and revert pages to the correct  
>> version (based on the comments in last known good tag).
>> Or, if I finish my SVN plugin, then we could just re-import the  
>> entire space from a specific revision number.
>> Lots of options.
>>> The plugin has some issues/limitations that still need to be  
>>> addressed, it even has it's own JIRA ( 
>>> index.html). Some of those issues will not let us serve the HTML  
>>> from a different location, well at least not totally.
>> We may want to add an additional massaging of the content, where  
>> we can fix any limitations that AutoExport has...
>> Or we could fix AutoExport to better suite our needs.
>> Or both.
>>> Security seems to be an easy thing to manage as we can restrict  
>>> access by users and groups in terms of confluence, but we will  
>>> not have access to the actual autoexported HTML content. If we  
>>> need to delete any content from the autoexported directories we  
>>> will not be able to do it ourselves, just the infrastructure  
>>> folks have access to the FS.
>> I'm going to see if infra@ will let a few of us have access to it,  
>> so that I can better help admin the Confluence install.
>> But... the AutoExport plugin should really have a mechanism to  
>> clean + publish... which should be easy to add.
>> --jason

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