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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Organization and versioning of specs; a new proposal
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 22:50:46 GMT
I'm trying to motivate to writing this... :-\


On Aug 16, 2006, at 7:41 PM, David Blevins wrote:

> On Aug 16, 2006, at 7:13 AM, Kevan Miller wrote:
>> On Aug 16, 2006, at 3:56 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> What is the status on 1.1.1 wrt this change?  Can I go ahead and  
>>> make these changes?
>> My reading of Matt's note (which I agree with) is that you should  
>> wait until 1.1.1 has been shipped (unless 1.1.1 runs into an  
>> extended delay in releasing due to administrative matters).
>> I think this change should follow the RTC process. This is not a  
>> bug fix, not a doc change, etc. It's updating svn and changing the  
>> way we deliver specs -- my read is that it falls under RTC.
> I read this as more of a policy discussion as the topic is really,  
> "how do we want to layout specs now and in the future and how do we  
> branch and tag them on release."
> Let's do like we did on this thread: 
> l=geronimo-dev&m=115094116905426&w=4
> In other words, create a new version of the proposal that's more  
> detailed and incorporates the feedback from the original, then put  
> it up for a vote.
> Jason, you want the honors?
> -David
>> You don't mention geronimo-j2ee_1.4_spec (the uber-jar). It's  
>> currently versioned using the top-level pom version. I assume you  
>> plan on adding a geronimoSpecsJ2eeVersion?
>> Your process for updating the jms spec would be:
>>     cd specs/geronimo-spec-jms
>>     mvn release
>>     cd ../geronimo-spec-j2ee
>>     mvn release
>> I'm not so sure that this is any better than we have now... I see  
>> two options:
>> 1) drop the uber-jar
>> 2) release all specs simultaneosly (even if they haven't changed)  
>> and all have the same version...
>> --kevan
>>> --jason
>>> On Aug 12, 2006, at 12:16 AM, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
>>>> Jason,
>>>> I'm +1 on the change.  In order to release 1.1.1 we need to  
>>>> release an updated version of the J2EE_JAAC specs.  I am waiting  
>>>> for feedback from Geir on some licensing issues as well as a TCK  
>>>> run that Kevan is doing.  That said I'd prefer to wait until the  
>>>> we cut the 1.1.1 release.  If it looks like its going to be  
>>>> delayed due to the licensing concerns then we should do this  
>>>> straight away next week.
>>>> Since this isn't a code change I agree with Jason's comments on  
>>>> no review required.  Lazy consensus is appropriate here.
>>>> Jason Dillon wrote:
>>>>> A while ago there was talks about independently versioning  
>>>>> specs, and Alan started a reorg branch which gives each spec  
>>>>> module its own trunk+branches+tags...
>>>>> I have been thinking about this for a while, and with the  
>>>>> recent desire to split off more modules from geronimo/trunk  
>>>>> I've been pondering it even more.  What I have come to believe  
>>>>> is that spitting up spec modules into their own trunk+branches 
>>>>> +tags is probably not the best direction for us to head in.
>>>>> I believe that all of our specs can, and should, share one  
>>>>> trunk... and still have each module specify its own version.   
>>>>> This is very similar to how Maven2 plugins is setup, see here:
>>>>> Each plugin has its own version that changes independently.   
>>>>> The top-level pom has a version too, which is independent and  
>>>>> is only changed when there is a major configuration change in  
>>>>> that pom.
>>>>> I recommend that we follow this model for our specs.
>>>>> The advantage to one trunk, is that it facilitates easy check  
>>>>> out and building when you just want all of the specs.  If each  
>>>>> spec was in its own trunk, you would need to svn co each one,  
>>>>> then mvn install in each tree, which is a pain.
>>>>> We also almost never branch specs, they just keep chugging  
>>>>> along, only really needing tags to track released versions.
>>>>> So, here is what I propose:
>>>>>     specs/trunk/pom.xml
>>>>>     specs/trunk/<artifactId>
>>>>>     specs/tags/<artifactId>/<version>
>>>>> And if needed:
>>>>>     specs/branches/<artifactId>/<name>
>>>>> This is a single trunk so to build all specs:
>>>>>     svn co 
>>>>> trunk/ specs
>>>>>     cd specs
>>>>>     mvn install
>>>>> To release an individual spec, say geronimo-spec-jms:
>>>>>     cd specs/geronimo-spec-jms
>>>>>     mvn release
>>>>> The m2 release plugin can be configured with a _tag base_,  
>>>>> which we can set to:
>>>>> {pom.artifactId}
>>>>> When released, the plugin will svn cp just the module's  
>>>>> directory into a directory under tags, so it will be easy to  
>>>>> see what the released versions of a specific spec are.
>>>>>  * * *
>>>>> I really do not see the need for each spec to have its own  
>>>>> trunk, and really I think that if we did then it would just  
>>>>> make it more difficult for cases when we really want all specs.
>>>>> I do not see any downside to the approach above.
>>>>> I recommend that we implement this.  The only major change,  
>>>>> which isn't that major, is that the properties which live in  
>>>>> the root pom that control the versions need to be removed... or  
>>>>> rather moved back to the <version> element of the respective pom.
>>>>> Comments?
>>>>> --jason

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